Simon StoneMature

You could hear the van from a mile away. Jimi Hendrix's voodoo child came blaring at full volume.

Simon covered his ears. Anything but Schubert, Vivaldi or Mendelssohn sounded like a complete cacophony to him. He took off the deer hunter cap he had bought at a garage sale for $10. It had the words Elementary, my dear Watson embroidered at the back. He'd tried to remove that to add authenticity to his whole Sherlock Holmes look.

Beside him, Nathan stiffened. "I know that van." he almost hissed. 

The van drove in beside them, and parked next to the coffee shop. The sign above the door read "Latte much?" and below that "The best cafe in Bricktown"

It was a cheesy name, Simon thought. But it was the best coffee shop. In fact, it was the only coffee shop in the whole of sleepy Bricktown. But you could get a decent cup of tea here.

They watched from the window, as a seemingly twenty year old woman , wearing a long sparkly T shirt and a pair of striped blue and black tights steeped out and made her way towards the door. Her hair would have been pretty if she hadn't spiked it up at  odd angles and dyed it fluoroscent pink. She wore a spiky bracelet and a similar choker around her neck.

"She's Claire DanersonNathan said. " Oh my god" he gasped looking at her as she leaned over the counter and asked for a roll of gum and a chamomile tea.

"Who?" Simon raised a brow.

" Claire Danerson, drummer of space vortex"

"Never heard of it" Simon retorted finishing the last of his tea

Nathan shrugged, "You've never heard of anyone. I doubt you even know Led Zeppelin"

There was a pause, as Simon looked down into his cup.

Nathan leaned forward, his eyes widened, "Oh my god, you really don't know who they were."

He sunk back into his chair, "Space Vortex is like the most exiting thing in a millenia to happen in Bricktown. She was born here you know?  Klaus and Lisa are from, 30 miles away, and and I don't even know where Ian, Judy and Zoe are from, but they probably live like  20 miles away too. But she's like a -" he broke off to look in Claire's direction, as she tapped on the counter impatiently with her painted grey nails, as the waitress confusedly tittered to another man about chamomile tea.

" I'm gonna get her autograph" Nathan said, rising from his chair.

He smoothed down his jeans, checked that his red hair wasn't sticking up,flashed a smile at the back of his spoon, and slowly walked towards her.

She raised an eyebrow as she saw him approaching.

Simon had to tape this. He whipped out his cellphone and hit record grinning all the time.

In the screen, you could see a nervous looking Nathan stuttering as he told her that she was a goddess and that he was a huge fan and he was just lucky to have been born in the same town as her and that if she had been born four years earlier, they would have been best friends.

Then suddenly a beat up red car drove by the large window. The window was actually one wall of the coffee shop, with a revolving door made in. Simon was so glad he recorded what happened next.

The red car belonged to an old woman with a mass of white hair,which spilled over her green cardigan.

"Natty honey!" she yelled. "Natty, come on honey!" the woman yelled. The only thing bigger than the volume of her voice was her smile.

Nathan looked her way and froze.

"Well Natty, it was nice meeting you" Claire said, the corners of her mouth twitching. There was a hint of mockery in her silky smooth voice. 

"Natty! Now!" The woman hollered. Simon thanked god that his grandmother wasn't like that.

Nathan walked outside and she kissed him full on the lips. Nathan turned crimson and turned around to see if Claire had noticed. She had.

As the car drove away, Nathan waved to Simon glumly, and sunk deep into his seat.

When he was gone, Simon turned back to the table only to see Claire Danerson sitting across him

The End

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