No return

Her heart picks up speed, hands grab her shoulders, Raina jumps up, screaming in panic. Low laughter fills her room and gyrates across her nerves. She opens her eyes and pushes the intruder out of her room. "Raina," He drags her name out. "I'm telling mom." Before she can hold him back he bounds down the stairs into the kitchen where their mom is. Air escapes her mouth in irritation and she follows her ten year old brother down the stairs. Her moms wonderful cooking invades her senses. Chicken and rice, she concludes. Stepping off the carpeted steps to the hardwood floor, her socks muffle her five steps to the small kitchen.

"Wash your hands." Coralline Murrfey, Raina's mom instructs her just as she's about to sit down. Groaning Raina goes to the sink and washes her hands. A creak sounds through the small kitchen when Raina sits down. She looks across the table where her brother is coincidentally looking the other way.

"Jack! Give me my chair back!" Raina hisses as the chair unevenly leans to the left. Jack, her brother shakes his head and takes a drink of his milk. Raina pushes the chair back and picks it up going to the other side of the table where Jack is. Pushing him off the chair she takes hers and replaces it with her brothers. "You are such a little-" Their mom interrupts them before she can finish her sentence.

"Raina just sit down." Her moms always controlled, breaks at the end of her sentence. Raina truly looks at her mom and notices subtle changes from just a few short weeks ago. Her hair is getting duller and her eyes have small bags under them. Raina takes her chair and sits at the table and looks at her mother. "The police have ruled out your fathers death being a killing." While Coralline says this as small tear fall over the edge of her eye. This would be the time Raina's father would wipe the tear away and make his mom laugh. But he's not there. He won't ever be back.

"Does that mean?" Raina lets the end of the sentence remain unspoken. Her mother nod and looks into Raina's eyes so much like her husbands and says. "Your father took his life."

The End

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