(Trial to see if people like it, to see if i should continue)

Raina is a girl who studies anything and everything to do with romance. She is a romance junkie. Raina recently fell upon a story of lovers who are opposites but still have a strong relationship. Then she fell upon more. She has a plan, to test if opposites really do attract or if its all just a bunch of fantasies.

Raina sluggishly savored the last page of her romance novel taking in every word, every hidden meaning, every emotion. She was like this all the time, capturing information and keeping it for a later philosophical appropriate time to explain what she knew. When she reached the last word she slowly looked toward her desk with a glint in her eye, the glimmer in her eye was a plan. Most of her plans fail and end horribly, still people help her. Raina is a charmer in her own outlandish ways. Raina scrambled out of her homey fur beanbag towards her cherry wood desk. Her desk was chaotic unlike the rest of her room that was as tidy as a candy shop. Her desk organization made perfect sense to her. She sits on her straight backed wooden chair, getting a piece of recycled paper and furiously writes down what's on her mind. At first she crosses out many things then things start coming together and a plan is outlined. She was so focused on her plan that she didn't hear her door open and reticent steps come towards her till a shadow was cast over her and her paper. Her heart picks up speed,

The End

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