Getting Personal

<Adam, that evening>

Damn, it's cold. Shoulda brought a jacket.

The concerned voice of my mother flows through my mind at that thought, a voice to be shaken out of my head along with the cold shivers.

Now, where am I going again?

I, ever the gentleman, left the choice of location up to Katie-Anne. After all, she is the former President's daughter, so she must have some idea about where the reputable places in town are.

Wait, it was something exotic. Something... German.

Oh, German. One of the dead languages, its corpse held onto by the romantics, the elite, the scholars. Much like Latin, or whatever that archaic tongue was.

Das Feuchter Drachte, that's it. No clue what it means, but hey, if she recommends it...

So I make my way through the cold, shivering. The buildings I pass are a little run down, their luminescent signs sputtering in the dim moonlight. I think there might have been some cat peering at me, eyes glowing, before the black shape loped off into the darkness.



The voice startles me, and my heart jumps, skips a beat, even. I turn slowly after recognizing the voice.

"Katie-Anne," I say simply.

"So, what do you think?"


She laughs brightly, another thing I've come to like about her.

"What else? This area, these buildings..."

"Oh, uhm." I'm a little lost for words. Not because I don't want to offend her, but because I honestly haven't formulated a grand opinion on anything, yet. Quite frankly, I was too busy thinking of my mother, that cat, and Katie-Anne to be judgmental.

"It's rather... quaint," I finish awkwardly.

Smooth, Adam. Smooth.

This brings another chime from my date, something I was only just becoming accustomed to saying.

"Well, we're almost there, alright?"

There's a pause as we walk, side by side, to the place. Then I realize that I have no clue what I'm getting into, on any level.

"So," I start. "What exactly is this Drachte place, anyways?"

"It's kind-of a club, y'know?" She didn't even think before replying.

Must be a frequent flyer.

"A club? Like a dance club?" I'm a little worried. I don't do the dance scene. At all.

"Not really," she says after a short pause. "You'll see. Soon. Now, actually."

She stops walking and turns to face one of the buildings, a rather squat one with your typical fine laser display sign. It's a dragon, serpentine like the Oriental ones, not the European ones. And blue.

Aren't dragons green? or red? And why do I know that? And why does it matter?

She leads me inside the place; calm, confident, like she owns it. Maybe she does. You never know.

The outside was a pale comparison to the interior, with soft leather seating, intentionally dim lighting, and low tables around the edges. We pass a few patrons sipping on bright drinks, engaging in close conversation. Nothing club-like thus far, but appearances had already been deceiving, so anything could happen.

But what captures my attention is the back wall, as doors line it from wall to wall. Not just a couple, as if to a hallway, kitchen, restroom or anything. No, a whole series of them, each numbered.


"Jimmy! Is number two out tonight?"

"No Kate, it's all yours!"

"Thanks, Jimmy!"

Her voice was almost commanding, she was a new person here. I like it, though. Love it, even. But wait, number two? All hers? What did that mean?

Before I knew it, she was on a bee line to the second door in the row, inscribed with the appropriate Roman numeral.

Aww shiii...

"I thought the line was, 'talk about sex'?!"

She laughs, but it is a different laugh then what I heard outside. Again, I think I like it a little more; it has an edge to it.

"If you thought you were getting lucky on the first date, you've been studying SIMs too long. C'mon."

She opens the door quickly, motioning me in before following. Blackness greets me. Pitch blackness, like the hell that Sister Hotke preachs.

The lights come on with a Click. Dim, like those in the lounge area, but still enough to illuminate what was before me. And it startlsme greatly, causing my heart to jump for the second time that night, and skip two beats.

What the...

"Welcome to our own, personal, and private server, Adam," she purred from behind me.

The End

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