Chapter Fourteen

Silvernist stared on in amazement at the pool of the Hoarfrost's glistening blood. When she stepped closer, she saw her own reflection looking back at her. 

"Silvernist," Mystra's voice appeared behind her. Silvernist turned around and saw three figures standing there through the shifting mist. They walked over and looked at the blood. Silvernist silently watched as Salvador kneeled on one knee with the silver bowl in his arm and his other arm extended out before the blood. Suddenly, the blood moved and drops of it were lifted into the air, stretched and landed in the bowl. Silvernist watched it swish around in the bowl and then settle when it was all put inside. Salvador stood up and they all walked back through the fog that was beginning to fade away and the ice valley emerged into the view. 

"When we return, Salvador, you will begin creating the opals and Silvernist, you will continue your journey with the others," Mystra said. Silvernist glanced at Danielle.

"What about Danielle?" She asked. Danielle looked at her and then looked away.

"Danielle's time... is up now." Silvernist's mouth became wide.

"You mean Danielle is not staying with us anymore?" Danielle nodded.

"Danielle's mission is done here for now," Mystra said. "Everything is on your shoulders now Silvernist. Whether or not you can achieve the black opal before Aviel can, you determine this world's fate." Silvernist looked down at her feet where the ice crunched beneath her feet and the shaves of it where sticking to her boots. She had so much responsibility! Why did everything have to lie on her shoulders? She looked up at Mystra who was staring straight forward. Mystra was mysterious. Silvernist even wondered if this Goddess could see into the future. Shewanted to trust Mystra but she found it becoming difficult for some reason.

The End

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