The flashback left Silvernist a scene of a large ship sailing away into a bright, sunset that painted the sky of many different colors and once it vanished, Silvernist opened her eyes. She found herself to be crying then. Frozen tears stained her cheeks because of the chilly mist but she didn't bother to wipe them away. Instead, she kept her forehead pressed against the hoarfrost's and thought about her father. She finally learned the truth behind her parents death and felt somewhat sad and happy at the same time. Her father was alive but endured the affliction of losing Victoria. Silvernist was also pained of this. Her father practically abandoned her but she could understand. He wouldn't have been able to bear the pain of being reminded of his wife every day. Her heart lurched for him and now she wished right at that moment to hug him tightly and cry on his shoulder. Silvernist smiled. Her father was alive, and was waiting for her to return safely.

The Hoarfrost soon opened it's eyes and they both stared at each other.

"You feel no hatred or sadness for your father? Your heart desires no revenge against your father for abandoning you?" The Hoarfrost asked her. Silvernist shook her head.

"No," she replied. "Revenge would bring me  nothing. No happiness and no life. It would only bring me sadness." The Hoarfrost blinked in understanding.

"You have a pure heart, Silvernist," it said. "With your heart, you will accomplish many great things." Silvernist nodded. Let's hope that's true. She thought. Still looking into the Hoarfrost's eyes, Silvernsit could tell that it knew what she was thinking. 

"So, do you know why I came?" Silvernist asked. It nodded in reply. "We need your blood to make more opals s we can defeat Aviel. But... I just don't know how  I'm going to get your blood. The only solution I can think of is to... kill..."

"I know. And I offer my up my blood for a cause such as this." Silvernist's eyes widened and a gust of cold wind rushed past them making her hair flare out and her bangs to float above  her eyes.

"Really?" The Hoarfost nodded. Silvernist watched as it began to disappear. All of the sudden, she became alert. 

"Wait! You're-" 

"We will meet again..." The Hoarfost spoke for the last time. "No matter what, we always will be connected. If you need any help, you can call on me anytime." Silvernist watched it disappeared and lying before her was a  puddle of silver liquid.

The End

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