Lorando's Journey

Lorando returned home from a long day at the castle to a warm house that smelled of a home cooked meal of welcoming. He sniffed in the aroma of the tangy stew that floated through the house and he suddenly felt calm. He did not feel as tense as he was earlier that day while trying to meet with the king about Victoria and that she should be released and that she meant no harm to anyone. But no matter how hard he tried, he did not succeed. Lorando stopped in the kitchen watching his mother gradually stir the stew with her back to him. He forced himself to smile as he made his way toward her.

"Hello mother," he said. She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled.

"Welcome home son!" She exclaimed and quit stirring. She walked over to him and embraced him. Lorando hugged her back happy to feel the warmth in her embrace. Once they released eachother, she told him to sit down. Lorando obeyed and waited until his mother set a bowl of stew on the table.

"I made it extra special this time," she told him and sat across from him. Lorando took the spoon in his hand and dipped it into the thick liquid. Once he put it in his mouth, he was quite satisfied the piquint taste and he took another spoonfull.

"How was your day?" She asked him. Lorando looked at her and set the spoon in his stew. Then he pushed his bowl away from him and buried his forehead in his hand.

"It... was hard." His mother gave him a little smile and put her hand on his. All at once, Lorando felt the tears come and they slipped down his cheeks. Thinking about Victoria brought pain and sorrow to his heart when he thought about her.

"Don't worry, I know you'll think of something to bring Victoria back," his mothercomforted him. "But no matter what happens, she will always be with you." Lorando nodded and wiped his tears from his cheeks. He continued to eat and suddenly remembered his daughter.

"How is...?"

"She's sound asleep," his mother said. Once Lorando finished his stew, he stood up and walked to his room. Setting his pack on his bed, he looked at the cradle which his daughter slept in. He stood above it and watched her tiny stomach go up and down as she breathed. Lorando smiled as he bent over and kissed her forehead. Over the days, her silver hair had grown soon down to her neck and her eyes were silver as always. She was a mysterious baby, the villagers would say once they saw her. But Lorando loved his child no matter what people said.

"Good night Silvernist," he said softly and laid in his bed thinking of what tomorrow would bring.
Lorando knew deep inside where it was most painful that he could not do anything to save Victoria. The next morning without him knowing, she was hanged.
Standing aboving her gravestone in a meadow by the castle, he looked at the words carved in the stone and as the tears rolled down his cheeks. The wind was blowing mildly fast and moved his hair across his face.

This tragic event changed his life forever.

When he returned home, he saw his mother cradling Silvernist in her arms by the warm fireplace where the small fire flickered. She looked at him once he stood by her.

"What will you do now?" She asked him. He was silent for a few minutes until he replied;

"I want you to take Silvernist away to another village," he told her. HIs mother looked at him shocked.

"What about you? Are you just going to abandon her?" His mother exclaimed.

"Not abandon her," Lorando answered. "But start a new life for each of us. I don't want her to have to go through this life without a mother to care for her. And I also don't want her to know that I couldn't save Victoria. I feel so much guilt knowing I couldn't save Victoria and being reminded of her everyday would be too painful." His mother seemed like she understood him and his pain.

"Alright then," she replied.

The following week, his mother left the village and Lorando also. He would travel the world and forget all about this life he experienced. He would miss his mother and his daughter but he counted on forgetting them.

As he rode his horse out of the kingdom, he looked back at it remembering his final memories that would soon disappear. Then he started a long journey across the world.

The End

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