Story Of Victoria

After those words entered her ears, the Hoarfrost walked toward and pressed her forehead against hers. Silvernist found herself gazing into the creature's marvelous eyes. Then she hesitated before putting both of her hands on each side of the Hoarfrost's cheeks. It was extremely soft with barely any fur on it's body but instead cold dust which sprinkled away as she touched it.

"You know me?" Silvernist asked. The Hoarfrost blinked. Yes. I have know you ever since were born. Silvernist's eyes widened. "Then you know of my Grandmother? My mother and father?" Yes... It replied but its eyes darkened at the thought of them. 

"Really?" Silvernist exclaimed pulling her face farther from its. "Then can you tell me of them? Are they still alive?" The Hoarfrost just stared at her. If you truly wish to know, then I cannot refuse. Silvernist closed her mouth and nodded. She was anxious to know what happened to her parents and she hoped dearly that at least one of them was still alive. She gulped nervously and her heart had started to thump wildly in her chest. This was it. A moment she had been waiting for her whole life.

The Hoarfrost tilted its head forward and it touched her forehead just barely. Silvernist felt her eyes close as well and suddenly she saw a bright light appear. Then she knew that she wasn't in her present world anymore.


Fourteen years ago

Victoria; the most beautiful woman who lived in her village fell in love with a scholar named Lorando who studied with other scholars in the Castle of Zilda. Lorando also fell deeply in love with Victoria that they married a year later and lived together in a large home outside the village. They were a very wealthy couple and planned to have a child soon which happened three months later. 

"Lorando dear, what shall we call our baby?" Victoria asked as she sat by the dining table and brushed her long scarlet curls. Lorando closed one of his books which gave a loud thump sound and looked at her. 

"Why don't we wait until the baby is born and then we can decide then." Victoria gave him a pout and said fine. She continued to brush her hair while listening to Lorando turn the pages. Victoria smiled. She hoped that their child would grow up full of knowledge and wisdom of their world.

"Dear," she said. "Hm?" Lorando replied.

"Have you ever wondered why we live in this world? Or why there is magic?" Lorando stared at her in bewilderment.

"Uh, well I never really thought of that at all to be honest," he answered. 

"Well I have had those questions throughout all my life and everyone who I have asked replies with the same answer. But that's alright, " Victoria said and set the brush on the table and stood up. 

"Are you going somewhere?" Lorando questioned as she headed to the front door. Victoria turned to look at him. 

"Oh just to the castle gardens. Don't worry I won't be long." She smiled, opened the door and walked out. Lorando looked at her longingly until the door the closed and he continued reading his books.

Four months passed and the time for the baby to be born came. Lorando's mother was with them as well as they waited for the painful cries to disappear and the baby to be heard.  Lorando sat beside his mother and waited impatiently while his mother held his hand. 

A few minutes passed and Victoria's cries disappeared and the new born baby started the cry. It filled Lorando's ears and he burst into the room to see his wife holding a small baby in her arms. He stopped in his tracks and began to walk slowly to his wife's side. His eyes moved the the  baby and he reached down and touched the baby's  cheek. Her face was pale and surprisingly cold and as he caressed her cheek, her eyes opened. He smiled and touched the top of her bare head. 

"Dear, look," Victoria said. Lorando looked at their baby's eyes seeing them change from a dark brown color to silver. They were both shocked at seeing an odd color for such eyes but never thought too much about it. Lorando sat beside his wife and smiled at her. Victoria's glorious smiled shown back at him and he couldn't help but lean forward and kiss her lips. She kissed him back softly unknowing that the baby's eyes were lingering on them.

 A week later...

It was a cloudy afternoon and Lorando was just about to leave to the castle when he noticed that Victoria was not at home. His mother was cooking warm milk over the fireplace and their baby was sound asleep. 

"Do you know where Victoria went off to?" he asked his mother. 

"Ah, she said she was going to the castle gardens today. But she did not say when she would be back. She loves those gardens doesn't she?" Lorando smiled. "She sure does," he replied.

"Well, can you watch the baby while I'm away?" His mother nodded. "Thank you."

Lorando entered the castle gates not long after and when he entered the castle, another man was calling his name. Lorando turned around and saw one of his closest friend who was a scholar as well. 

"Lorando, your wife has been put into prison!" Lorando looked at his friend in disbelief. "What are you talking about Brant. What sort of joke is this?" he asked curtly.

"Your wife was caught trying to steal something out of the king's room." Lorando stared at the ground. It was impossible right? Victoria would never steal... "Bring me to Victoria," he told Brant. 

Victoria sat in the corner of the prison on a cold stone bench with her knees pulled up to her chest. She was crying and could not believe what she had done. she heard a few voices out side her cell and didn't bother to listen or even care. Lorando would hate her now all because of her curiosity and greed.

The cell door opened and in stepped Lorando who was looking at her with shock. Victoria was terribly frightened now and the door shut and Lorando walked toward her. 

"Victoria..." He said. She looked at him with teary eyes.

"What did you try to steal?" He asked. Victoria did not reply.

"Answer me Victoria!" He raised his voice this time and she flinched. He grabbed her hands and pulled her close to him. "Tell me!" Victoria began to sob and buried her face in his chest. 

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."  She said. Lorando softened his voice and stroked her hair. 

"Just tell me. Don't worry, I'll listen and I'll understand." Victoria sobbed for a few more minutes until she calmed down.

"I-I had a dream," she said. "I was showed that there was a map that led to this mysterious mountain. And then some kind of m-mystical being appeared in my dream telling me to retrieve the map and when i do, I should go to the mountain and when I go inside, that I will know of all the truths of this world." Lorando continued to stroke her hair.

"I'm sorry I'm so greedy," she said. Lorando carefully moved her away from him keeping his hands on her shoulders. "It's alright. No matter what I will still love you. No matter what you do you can always come to me." Victoria smiled and nodded. 

"And I'll find a way to free you. Don't worry." He kissed her cheek and hugged her. But it was a matter of time before Lorando had to leave her. 




The End

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