The Summon

The words repeated in her mind "It is time" and she knew it was time for her to face another greater challenge; one she had to complete for it was Mystra's will. Silvernist got up and stood beside Danielle. She led her to Mystra who waited for her beside Salvador. Mystra's face was serious as she watched and waited for Silvernist until she stood face to face. Silvernist glanced at Salvador noticing he held a clear glass bowl.

"I, Salvador and Danielle shall only attend Silvernist on this mission to summon the Hoarfrost. The rest of you shall stay here and prepare yourselves for you journey. When we return, you must leave imediatly. To The Valley of Fire and from there on, to Dreaded City. That is where the Volcano of Synra is located," Mystra explained to them in a calm and serious tone. They nodded.

"You better come back alive, Silvie," Ariana demanded as she faced Silvernist. The silver witch smiled.

"This isn't that a dangerous mission your highness," she replied. Ariana turned red and turned away.

"Well... whatever. just don't get into any means of danger alright?" Silvernist nodded and turned to Danielle and Mystra. She felt her stomach churn and felt excited to finally continue this mission. She wondered what this Hoarfrost would do once summoned. How would they kill it with no weapons? She looked at the Sword of Blaize leaning against the wall. She always felt protected having it beside her and having to defend herself and the others with it.

"Are you ready?" Danielle whispered to her. Silvernist nodded. The last thing she saw were her friend's faces before they disappeared.  Silvernist suddenly drenched with coldness a second later. The four of them appeared in a vast valley covered with strong mist that they could barely see through. Now what? Silvernist thought.

"Silvernist." She heard Mystra's voice. She looked at her.

"You must convince the Hoarfrost to sacrifice its blood. Meaning... its life. Its the only way."

"How do I summon it?"

"That is your decision to decide on how you do that." Confused, Silvernist watched them disapear leaving her to be alone in the cold mist.


Silent as though the world was empty and abandoned, Silvernist stood there shivering in the cold. The fog engulfed her, sending her chills that she disliked as she wondered what she should do. How could they just leave her like that? 

"Danielle?" She asked. It was silent. She called her name again, but still no reply. She was afraid to do this alone and wished Danielle was there beside her to help her be brave. Silvernist then closed her eyes. No, I can do this. Without anyone's help. She opened her eyes and suddenly jumped back in fright. For a long face with two white glossy eyes were staring at her. Right before her stood a beautiful unicorn with what looked like twinkling dust falling from its mane. Silvernist gaped at the unicorn forgetting all about the cold and her arms dropping to her sides. 

"Are you...?" She asked and the Hoarfrost just blinked.

"Silvernist." A low voice appeared in her mind. "I finally got to meet you in person." 

The End

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