Violet Eyes

Ariana felt Phibreal shift beneath her and she moaned. She didn’t want him to go away. She loved his presence and his warmth whenever he was around her.  She still kept her eyes closed hoping she would sleep again but there seemed not to be any possibility. A couple of hours ago when she sat down, she fell right to sleep. Now that she was awake she certainly felt how exhausted the journey made her. Opening her eyes, she found herself looking up at Phibreal who was staring down at her. Having their eyes meet made her cheeks go red and she quickly averted her eyes somewhere else. Why did Phibreal have to be so handsome?  He was her dream man, a man who she always dreamed of falling in love with. Too bad he isn’t a prince. She thought and sighed. But… He is still the man of my dreams.

She blinked twice before catching a glimpse of the smallest silver witch, Silvie, walking toward Silvernist holding a white tray of meat. This made Ariana’s stomach growl loudly. She was hungry.

“Phibreal, I’m hungry. Can you get me some food please?” She sounded just like a little girl asking her mother for food.

“Yes, I know,” he replied.  “I’ll get us both some food.” Ariana smiled at him as he stood up. But there was something about his expression that worried her. It looked like something was bothering him and she wondered why.

The four sorcerers had brought them nice cooked meat for them to eat and were giving it out to everyone so they could eat. Phibreal was given a plate from one of the sorcerers, Tamas.  When he took the food, he did not pay attention to the sorcerer’s question. Instead he walked back to Ariana. When he sat back down against the wall, Ariana took the plate from him and started eating the meat hungrily. Phibreal just sat there staring at the ground looking isolated from reality. Ariana watched him.

“What’s wrong Phibreal?” She asked after swallowing a big chunk of meat. A moment later, he looked at her.

“Nothing, I just had a bad dream, “ he replied. He reached over and took a piece of meat from the plate. He stuck it in his mouth and chewed slowly remembering the events from his past repeat themselves in his dream.  At often times, he thought about his parents and wondered if they were dead or not. The aching in his heart returned once again, when the unforgotten memory of his mother and father left him to survive for himself.  It was a memory he wished he could erase forever.


“Silvernist! Wake up Silvernist!” Silvernist opened her eyes halfway to see Silvie smiling at her charmingly and cheerfully.  Icicle, who slept on her left shoulder moved behind her neck in fear of this new, unfamiliar person. Silvernist could feel his cold fur on the back of her neck which made her shiver and sit up straight.

Suddenly, Silvie handed her a plate of meat. “This is for you!” She exclaimed, still smiling. Silvernist looked down at the meat and her thirst for hunger grew.

“Thankyou,” she replied.

“You’re welcome! How did you sleep?” Silvernist nodded and before putting a piece of meat in her mouth, she said,

“I slept alright,” she answered. Actually, not very good. She thought. She and Siren were up talking a lot last night about themselves and what they hoped the future to be like which Silvernist wondered a lot about. It would all depend on her. She could not let Aviel have it no matter what.

“Your pet is so cute!” Silvie exclaimed in excitement while petting the white monkey who stared at her blankly.  “Doesn’t she remind you of Mystra? The eyes.” Mystra’s luscious face appeared in her mind. They both had Violet Eyes. This made curiosity rise within Silvernist. Were they somehow connected?

“Silvernist.” Danielle’s voice cut through her thoughts. “It is time.”

The End

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