The Big Man

Chapter 13- BOND

Phibreal was young boy of about eight years old who lived in a poor village on the outskirts of the kingdom of Risenife. His Mother and father always taught him of the history of Risenife that went back more than a hundred years ago and taught him the ways the kingdom was ruled in each generation.

“Phib! Are you listening?” His father asked him. He was very tall, with broad shoulders and huge muscled arms. His hair color was the same as his; dark, ruffled brown hair that matched his eyes. His mother had pretty strong muscles too. She had a nice figure and a beautiful face along with long brown hair with slight curls in it.

“What happened to the prince, Phib?” His mother asked him with a big smile.

“Uh, he ran away right?” He replied sticking his dagger that he got for his birthday into the wooden table.

“That’s right! And where too?” His father asked. Phibreal was silent for a moment. “No where?” The story of the lost prince was famous around the whole kingdom. One of the princes from long ago ran away from the people and disappeared so no one could find him. Some say he might have been eaten by a griffin or drowned in the sea.

 A month later

It was a cold windy night and a mysterious knock came at their door. Phibreal opened the door slowly and peered out from a wide crack to see a big, tall man. Even bigger than his father. He had a huge face and small, narrow black eyes. There were scars everywhere on his face even across his nose. Phibreal looked at him fearfully and yelled to his parents that a strange man was there.

It seemed his parents knew the monstrous man for they locked themselves in a bedroom and began a conversation. They told Phibreal they would only be a moment and it was. Phibreal was sitting outside the bedroom trying to listen what they were saying but he only caught a few sentences.
“We need you there right now,” he heard the big man say.

“We can’t just leave our son!” His mom exclaimed.

“But they need you,” the man continued. “I will take you there in the morning. You better be ready.”

“But what about Phibreal? Who will care for him?” His father asked.

“I am not leaving Phibreal!” His mom cried. Her tears started to pour down her cheeks.

“You have to. We are not giving you a choice. Your son will survive somehow…” Their voices began to get softer so Phibreal couldn’t hear the rest. Ma and pa are leaving? He thought. Why? Are they going to abandon me? Why would they? No! I don’t want them to! He thought. The door suddenly opened, startling him. He jumped up and watched the big man walk out of the house. Then he turned to his parents. He asked what was wrong but his father told him just to go to bed and his mother looked at him sadly. Phibreal knew she had been crying.

Next Morning

Phibreal woke up the next morning by himself. His father usually woke him up but not this time. They didn’t leave me, did they? He jumped out of bed and raced out the door. The kitchen was empty, and so were his parent’s room. Where? Where are they going?! He burst out the front door. The sun was barely rising in the distance and before him, he saw his parents standing next to the big man. Behind them were three beautiful horses.

“Mother? Father?” He asked aloud. They looked at him but turned away and climbed onto their horses.

“Where are you going?!” He yelled. “Mother!! Father!” He screamed with tears pouring heavily down his cheeks and onto the sandy dirt. “Where are you going?! Why are you leaving me!?” He started to run after them, but he ran out of breath fast. He fell to his knees and scrunched up sand in both of his palms. His parents disappeared from his sight. And his life.


The End

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