Princess Siren

Slipping the stone beneath her vest, she looked back at Mystra.

"We should let you have some rest. You have had a long journey," she said. All of the men took a set against the wall, resting their weapons beside them. Ariana sat next to Phibreal and put her head on his shoulder. She immediatly fell fast asleep. Silvernist was still standing next to Mystra. She did not feel like sleeping at that moment for she was still thinking about everything that was said to her.

"Silvie, come rest." Danielle spoke. Silvernist looked at her.

"No, I'm fine."

"Silvernist, we still have this journey to accomplish, you need your strength." She glanced at her sisters who nodded and back at Danielle. Then she collapsed next to Arake who smiled at her when she sank back against the wall. She watched Mystra and the others speak to each other.


Mystra!" Azura exclaimed with her arms folded. Everyone stared at her. 

"Azura..." Stefan looked at her strangely. The sorceress pointed at the group of silverwitches.

"Why did you not tell us about them before?" Mystra looked at her expressionless. "There was no need to." Azura scowled. Still pointing, she exlaimed, "A silverwitch can summon a hoarfrost right? So why did we not use one of them to do it!?" Her face was flushed from anger.

"You don't understand. This Hoarfrost has a bond only with Silvernist. That is the way for both magical beings." Azura's cheeks went back to normal as her anger disappeared. 

"Forgive me Mystra," she said and bowed.

"It is alright, I'm sorry I did not tell you about the silverwitches. This is just very important," she looked at the sorcerers and the silverwitches. "The future to come will not be easy. Lives will surely be lost but we must overcome that and continue this fight against the darkness." Mystra looked at Salvador.

"Salvador, you will accompany Silvernist and I in the morning to summon the Hoarfrost. You will be there to the gather the blood the Hoarfrost leaves behind. Then all of you will continue creating the opals." They all nodded and Stefan stepped foward.

"So you will kill the Hoarfrost?" He asked curiously. Mystra shook her head.

"No, the Hoarfrost has to have the will to sacrifice itself."

"And if it dosen't?" Azura asked. Mystra glanced at Silvernist who slept against Prince Arake's shoulder.

"We must rely on Silvernist to take care of that."


An algid breeze flew through the cave swiftly and swept across the sleeping bodies. It woke Silvernist and she hugged herself. Lifting her head off of Arake's shoulder, she noticed Mystra and the Four Sorcerers were nowhere to be seen. Something soft and cold rubbed against her cheek. Icicle was sleeping on her shoulder soundly and Silvernist smiled. Her sister were asleep as well but one of them was missing. Siren. Silvernist carefully put Icicle on the ground and stood up. 

She found Siren sitting at the edge of the cave with her slender legs dangling over the side. Silvernist joined her. The moon and stars shone brightly, bouncing off the great ice towers.

"It's so beautiful," Silvernist said and glanced at her sister. Siren's silver hair flew with the wind making her look angelic and mysterious. Silvernist smiled and looked out into the valley. Before she felt so alone and helpless in the world but now she had friends who cared about her.

"Siren?" She asked. Siren didn't turn her head but she replied, "What?"

"Are you a princess?" Siren looked shocked. 

"Wh-what? Why are you asking me this?" she snapped. Her cheeks were red and she looked away.

"Well, you just look like one. I can tell by your dress." Siren looked at her and sighed.

"Yes..." Silvernist's eyes lite up and she leaned in closer. "That is so amazing!"

"It is nothing to be so excited about!" Siren yelled. "It is nothing I want to remember. Ever." Silvernist frowned.

"I was a Princess of Zelda during the time when my kingdom was at war with Zilda. My brother died in the war and my father was seriously injured. I was disrespected and treated horribly by my father but my mother loved me dearly. But that is what  I believed. After my father was wounded and brought back from war, the royal council asked me to heal him for everyone knew my magical powers. I did what they asked and my father was fine a few days later. But he was bitter and anger and abused me because of my brother's death. It affected my whole family making us lose our courage and happiness which caused us to lose the war. While my father mistreated me, my mother did not stop him. Then I knew my parents did not want to care for me and I ran away..." Siren's eyes filled with tears and Silvernist touched her shoulder.

"I'm sorry, You really did not have to tell me..."

"It's fine," Siren replied and used both of her hands to wipe away her sparkling tears. "I found a better life. With my sisters and Mystra. They saved me and gave me new hope." Siren then sat up straight and gazed at the valley. A moment of silence passed through them.

"Siren? How old... are you?" Siren glanced at her.

"Seven hundred and twentyfive..." Silvernist gasped and looked away.

"Sorry I asked!" I wonder how old Serena is. "So you were alive during the battle with Andorra!?' Siren nodded.

"Amazing!" Siren was smiling but looked away when Silvernist gazed at her. Calming down, Silvernist admired the moon. 

"I still cannot believe Danielle was by my side this whole time... But how is she still alive?"

"Mystra can bring any spirit back from the spirit world by using her magic."

"Hm," Silvernist said.

"But that spirit can only remain in the world for a certain amount of time before it has to return to the spirit world."

""So Mystra is very powerful... why can't she just defeat all evil herself then?" Siren hesitated before answering.

"I do not know myself." Silvernist looked at her and raised an eyebrow. Mystra was certainly a Goddess of many mysteries.

The End

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