Secret of the Red Stone

Eyebrows raised, Silvernist stared at Danielle wordlessly. The heroine from over a hundred years ago? The heroine she admired? She was by her side this whole time. Impossible. Silvernist thought. The other's looked speechless as well. 

"It cannot be." Danielle looked back at her. Silvernist read about Danielle's eyes green as an emerald and now they were staring back at her. Danielle lifted her hand slowly to remove her bangs that covered her forehead. Beneath them was a white symbol of three moons ringed together.

"What... is that?" 

"This shows that you and I are chosen ones."  The symbol started to glow.

"I don't see it. How come I don't see?" Ariana asked standing beside Silvernist. 

"You do not have the eyes of a magical being," Danielle  told her. Silvernist looked at her sisters. She finally noticed the symbols planted upon their foreheads. Then her eyes switched to Mystra. The woman nodded. 

"You are one of my chosen to fight in this battle against the evil," she spoke. She held out her hand and Silvernist took it. She felt powerful magic flow through her. She felt herself relax and calm down when her hand touched Mystras. But the goodness of the magic did not stay for long. Another magic was invading, appearing out of no where. A dreaded magic entered both their bodies causing them to tear apart their hands immediatly. Silvernist gasped and stared at her hand. She felt the magic run through her veins and throughout her bodies. It was very unpleasant.

"What is this...?"

"Silvernist!" Ariana exclaimed. She looked down at her chest where the red stone hung. The stone was creating a large red glow. Silvernist looked back at Mystra who stared at the necklace fearfully. 

"Where did you find that?" Mystra said. She did not come any closer but seemed to walk farther away from her.

"I-I bought it at a market. From a man," Silvernist replied. 

"Did he say where it is from." Silvernist nodded. 

"He said something about a Dwarven Mine." Silvernist stared at the necklace in wonder. Mystra started to come closer to her. But not too close.

"That stone holds Tobar's most powerful and dangerous magic. He sealed it away in the stone before he died and cast it away to the surface of this world. This magic belongs to the Nightmare. A creature he created that could destroy the whole world if ever released." Silvernist tried to touch it but stopped once she felt it's power come from the inside.

"That magic must have reacted to my power once we touched hands." Silvernist kept her eyes locked on the red glow. It suddenly started to fade slowly and she felt herself return to normal.



The End

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