War Of The Good And Evil

Siren was stlightly taller than her with beautifuly, incredibly perfect features. She wore a long white gown with many different desighs laced around it. Silvernist thought it looked like a dress a princess would wear. Her skin was so pale as the ice that if she lay against it, she would surely blend in. But Siren did not look as kind as the others. Her eyes seemed emotionless and her face was stern as she stared at Silvernist.

"Hello," Silvernist replied. She looked at all of the Silverwitches. "Are you really all my sisters?" She did not believe it was possible. Her grandmother told her she was the only child for sure.

"Yes well... there is another one of us but she..." She trailed off and glanced at Synthia. 

"We do not know where she is," Synthia finished. 

"What do you mean?" The silverwitches glanced at each other. 

"Let us start from the beginning," Serena spoke. Before she continued, she looked at the woman who nodded in return.

"A long time ago before any human was created only magical beings existed for thousands of years. During that time two powerful beings reigned over the land. Their names were Mystra and Tobar. One light and one evil. Only one of them is alive today." Silvernist glanced at the beautiful woman beside her.

“What happened to the evil one?” Silvernist asked.

“Let’s not rush,” Serena told her.

 “During that time, we were created by Mystra to serve her and protect all the magical beings that were on our side. But Mystra agreed to go to war between her and the evil one so we were to fight in this battle of light and evil.”

“Did we win?”

“Please do not interrupt me. This is very important that you know this.” Silvernist closed her mouth and nodded.

“The war began and we fought furiously against the evil one’s Shadow Monsters and other dark creatures. The whole world was shrouded with darkness. As we fought our hardest to destroy the Shadow Monsters, another enemy came. A different power from ours. The Ancient magic.”

Ancient Magic. Silvernist remembered Sir Lorando speaking of the ancient magic although she had never known what it was.

“The leader of the Ancient Ones was a mysterious man who wore two masks. One of them was across his nose and mouth and the other covering his right eye. He said he wanted to stop the war so he sent his ancient creatures to make us stop. The most powerful of the ancient was Midori, The Green Dragon, whom you had faced in combat on the battlefield.” Midori’s figure flashed in her mind. So that’s why she felt as if she had met him before.

“What then?”

“You were killed by Midori. We were all killed. The Ancients chased away the Shadow Monsters and they escaped to a different world. Tobar went with them. The Ancients then began to disappear, the one who led the Ancients disappeared. And as Years passed humans were created. Then I was reborn into this world. Then Synthia, Silvia, Siren and you. We do not know the whereabouts of our other sister.”

Sir Lorando became completely interested in learning about the past, that he couldn’t help asking a question.

“What happened to Tobar? The evil one?” Serena’s radiant face turned to him.

“He returned to our world only once to defeat Mystra once and for all. They fought in secret and what seemed to be an endless battle. Do you know of the Black Dragons?”

“Yes, we do,” Silvernist replied wondering what this could have to do with anything.

“Tobar sealed away the Black Dragons to persuade Mystra to let him stay in this world. But Mystra refused to let him live this world and destroyed him with her strongest power. To purify her magic, she sealed herself away to rest until one of her chosen ones could free her. That of course, was Danielle” The mention of that named turned Silvernist’s attention to the woman standing behind her. Danielle looked at her.

“Yes, I am she. Silvernist.”


The End

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