Serena, Synthia, Silvie, Siren

Silvernist gaped at the four silver haired women who smiled at her. Their faces were stunning, glowing with delight as they gazed back at her. It was as if time had stopped as everyone gawked at them. What is this? Silvernist wondered. Why are there more of me? Silvernist looked at Danielle.What is happening? Who are they?

The woman with white hair started towards them and so did the Silver Witches. Silvernist's mind was spinning and her uncontrollable thoughts were full of fear. Who are you Danielle? And who are these people? She looked back and forth between Danielle and the angelic woman. Why are we here?

The white haired woman stopped in front of Silvernist and looked down at her with a small grin.

"Who are you?" Silvernist asked.

"Silvernist!" She looked at the silver witches, startled. One of them had hair cut to their neck and her eyes sparkled as she looked at her. Silvernist gasped when she threw her arms around her giving her a tight squeeze.

"It has been too long!! I missed you so much!" The silverwitch squealed, hugging her tighter. Silvernist tried to push away but another pair of arms wrapped around her as well. 

"Silvernist!" She looked to see another silver witch. Her hair was put into long braids that jiggled up at down as she laughed.

"Synthia, Silvie, leave her alone for now, can't you see she is confused and lost? She does not remember us!" Silvernist looked at the two remaining silverwitches. They both contained long hair down to their waists. 

"Oh, I am so sorry!" The silerwitches that had hugged her stepped away and stood by the others. All of them were grinning at her. The Silverwitch on the left seemed to be the oldest of them all and stepped forward. She bowed her head.

"I am Serena. Please forgive them. You see you are..."

"Our Sister!" The girl with the braided hair blurted out. Silvernist stared at them blankly. What? Sister? 

"Sis...ter?" The girl nodded.

"I am Silvie and this is Synthia." She pointed to the silverwitch with short hair. The last one stepped forward, flinging her long hair around her shoulder.

"I am Siren."

The End

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