The Grim City

Campion and Lizar stood poised on a cliff of a very lofty, volcanic mountain. Their group was resting in a cave, exhausted from traveling from the necropolis and battling creatures that interfered with their travels. Aviel would not want them to fail this mission. One that could be their last if they did not succeed.

The sky was encompassed with black clouds with no sunlight shining through whatsoever. Campion peered out into a murky valley that was bare. And beyond that were tall dark, images in the distance. Its somber aura could be felt from where he and Lizar stood.That city… was one of the greatest cities in the world.Campion thought. The city was destroyed about a thousand years ago by a black dragon. It was now ruled by a man. A mysterious man that kept his people trapped inside darkness and imprisonment.Dreaded City.

“Let’s go,” Campion said to Lizard. He looked at him and nodded. Once they passed through Dreaded City, the real battle would begin. For the black opal.

The End

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