The Four Sorcerers

Silvernist made it to the cave with much struggling and pain. When she reached up for help, Azura took her hand and pulled her up onto the surface. She tripped on the way, but the woman helped her become steady and still.

"Be careful!" She said with a smile. Silvernist smiled back.

"My name is Silvernist."

"I know. I am Azura. One of the Four Sorcerers," the woman replied. Her voice was just as beautiful as she looked.

"Four Sorcerers?" Silvernist asked.

"I see Danielle has told you nothing." Azura chuckled and glanced at Danielle who looked away. Once everyone made it into the cave, questions piled in their head about this strange meeting with two unfamiliar people. Silvernist stared at the man with green hair. At least she was not the only person in the world with strange hair. His eyes turned to her.

"Silverwitch," he said. He knelt on one knee and bowed his head. Silvernist felt her face flush.

"I am Stefan. The youngest of the Four Sorcerers and brother of Azura."

"Stefan! Stop that!" Azura snapped at him. He looked at her quizzically. 

"She is one of Mystra's! Therefore we need to bow!" He exclaimed. Azura looked at her brother in surprise. He could act dumb sometimes but he had manners. She hesitated before following his position as well.

"Forgive me for my behavior, Silvernist." Silvernist stood before them uncomfortably and speechless.

"You are here." They turned to their left to see two men dressed in robes also.

"I am Salvador." Salvador was the tallest of them all. And the oldest.

"I am Tamas." The other man said. King Timothy stepped forward with his head held high.

"I am King Timothy," he announced so formally. 

"We know that," Salvador said. Timothy looked at them surprised.

"Anyway, we are so glad you are here," he greeted Silvernist. For a second, he stared at the monkey and then he turned away.

"Come in. All of you," Tamas said. Silvernist looked at everyone before walking inside. Danielle walked beside her and the others followed.

"Stefan," Azura whispered to her brother. "Mystra is still not here." 

"I know... I do hope she comes soon," Stefan replied.

They soon came to the end of the cave where Silvernist saw a glowing pillar in the middle of the room. On top of it was a plate where there were two very beautiful stones. 

"Oooo, what are those?" Ariana gazed at them in wonder.

"Do not touch them. Only the hands of a magical being is allowed," Tamas told her. She looked at him and then turned back to admire the glimmering stones.

"They are magical opals," Ariana told them. 

"What do you need them for?" Silvernist asked. Standing beside Sir Lorando, they watched the sparkling colors ripple across the surfaces.

"We made them to use against Aviel," Salvador said. Silvernist swung around to look at him.

"Aviel? You know him?" He nodded. He began walking around the pillar and then stopped.

"These opals are made of severe, powerful magic that are able to destroy Aviel. Even if he has the power of the black opal. But we do not have enough of this power to defeat him. Which is why Danielle was summoned to summon you." The sorcerer's eyes stared intensely into her's. "She brought you here for you to summon a Hoarfrost which is the source of this power. I believe only you can." 

"That is correct." Salvador averted his stare to the entrance. Silvernist looked as well to see an angelic woman. Her long white hair flowed in the breeze and her violet eyes sparkled when she looked at her. Four other tall figure stood behind her looking very angelic as well. They had silver hair.


The End

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