Chapter 12: Pasts

The monkey’s violet eyes peered up at Silvernist. She could feel them watching her.  She glanced at her new friend. It blinked once and then its eyes sparkled in the light. They were beautiful and yet so extraordinary.Like mine.She thought. Smiling, she pet the monkey’s white fur. It was so smooth and soft beneath her skin. It reminded her of the blanket her grandmother made for her. The blanket was lost now. Many years ago it was. After her grandmother died and she moved in with Emma and Stella, many precious things became lost. She thought of her life she had before she met Aviel. During those years she just about lost hope until she couldn’t take it anymore and ran away. And then this whole adventure started.

“Silvernist! Look out!” Ariana screamed beside her. The princess yanked her arm and pulled her sideways. Silvernist gasped. She realized Ariana just saved her from running into a tower of ice. 

"Thank you," she said. Ariana let go of her arm and they continued to walk. Taking her eyes off of the monkey, she examined Danielle. She strided ahead of the group, her black hair flowing stlightly in the icy breeze. She looked over her shoulder at her and then looked away. 

Silvernist then felt the monkey move around in her arms. It crawled up her shouler and sat atop her head. She laughed. Ariana turned toward her and reached out to pet the monkey but it looked at her with an intense glare. 

"Evil monkey," she said with annoyance. Silvernist laughed but Ariana ignored her. 

"Let me try to pet it," Davey said. He walked on the other side of Silvernist and moved his hand toward the monkey's head. It looked at him.

"Come on, don't bite me," Davey said. The monkey's eyes followed his hand and as it almost touched its fur, it turned away and jumped off Silvernists head. It sat on her right shoulder so it wouldn't be near Davey.

"Oh come on now!" Davey exclaimed clutching his bonde hair with both hands. Silvernist laughed. 

"You only like me don't you?" Silvernist asked it. It stared at her curiously. Then it began to sway its long tail back and forth. It is so cute. She thought. She put out her hand and rubbed its cheek. It closed its eyes as it savored her touch.

"What are you going call him? Or her?" Arake asked. He was strolling behind her. 

"I don't know."

"How about Snow or something?" Davey suggested.

"Aye, good one," Captain Mak said.

"How about something more creative," Ariana said. "Like Snow Flake." Silvernist smiled but the monkey glared at Ariana. Ariana rolled her eyes.

"Guess he dosen't like it," Mak commented. Silvernist thought for a moment.

"Iceicle." The monkey looked at her for a second and then its eyes lit up in agreement. Silvernist giggled and pet it once more.

"Iceicle? Why that name?" Ariana questioned irritably.

"Because the monkey likes it, Ariana," Arake said in an insolent manner. The princess was about to grab her  brother's ear before Danielle exclaimed,

"Everyone stop!" They stopped abruptly in their tracks. They stood in front of an icy mountain. They gaped at it for it was tall and huge. It was covered with lots of ice.

"We shall climb this mountain until we get to that cave up there," Danielle told them.

"How?" Silvernist asked. The cave was so high up she wondered how long it would take them to climb. She would be exhausted by the time they reached it.

"I have rope in my pack," Sir Lorando said. He swung his pack away from his shoulder and knelt down. He reached his hand into it and began pulling out tons of rope. 

Silvernist still had no idea how they were to use this rope to climb to the cave. Danielle held the ropes in her hands as she looked up at the cave.

"We are here!" She called. Everyone looked at Danielle in bewilderment.

"What are are you doing?" Silvernist asked.

"We need help!" Danielle continued to yell. Silvernist waited for anyone to appear.  She gasped when a lovely woman suddenly walked out of the cave and stood near the edge. She had long golden hair and wore a magnificent white dress  adorned with golden lace that wound around the neckline and sleeves. She looked like a perfect picture of an angel shining in the midst of the sun. She looked at them with a large smile.

"Danielle! They are here finally!" She exclaimed happily. 

"Azura, do not act childish now." Another person appeared. He wore a green robe. And he had green hair. The woman, Azura, glared at him.

"Just send the rope up here," the man said. Danielle nodded. Once the man got hold of the rope, he told them to begin climbing.

"Silvernist, you first." Danielle eyed here. Silvernist nevously grabbed the rope with both hands. Then she jumped up putting both of her feet on the rope as well. She hung there. Then she pushed up with her legs. Iceicle just stared at her with its violet eyes as it sat on her shoulder. I wonder who they are. She thought. And why Danielle is bringing us here.

The End

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