Inside The White Castle

“Mystra is gone once again,” Tamas said. The Four Sorcerers stood around the pillar gazing at the opals.

“I wish she would tell us where she wanders off to,” Azura said with a pout. “I wonder where she goes to sleep or rest.” Salvador looked at Azura. I question that too. He thought. Mystra had many titles. She is most known for being called The Hidden One. For they do not know where she goes, or what she does. They have been alive for long time but do not know all of the mysteries of Mystra.


Mystra appeared in a wide clearing in the Valley Of Ice. She stood in front of a white castle with many ice towers. The doors were opened, waiting for her to step inside. She took two steps forward. Then she took more and walked through the doors. It was dark inside.

Mystra stopped in her tracks and looked into the darkness. Light from the outside suddenly shifted, barely shining on two, white stair cases. Mystra looked up to see four dark figures standing above her. A large wind rushed through her hair.

“Finally, is it time?” One of the figures asked anxiously. Mystra smiled.

“Yes!! It is!” Another figure exclaimed.

“This is will be so exciting!’ The figures spoke to one another excitedly.

“We will be back together again!”

“Shh,” one of the figures told the rest. “Mystra needs to speak.”

“Right now you need to come with me. Silvernist is almost here. And I need you to greet her along with the Four Sorcerers and I,” Mystra said.

“Do you think Silvernist will remember us?” A figure asked her.

“Yes, she will. Now come.” 

The End

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