The Monkey with Violet Eyes

Midori descended from the skies and made his way to the icy shore. Everyone began to feel freezing weather sting their skin, and make them shudder. Silvernist wrapped her arms around herself and shivered. They landed on the icy ground and her companions were already climbing off of the dragon’s back. She  followed them.

When her feet touched the ground, she gazed at the ice towers that were everywhere. There were huge tall ones and a few short ones. She thought the Valley of Ice was beautiful as the ice gleamed and sparkled in the sunlight. Finally, we are here.. She thought. We are so close. Beyond the Valley of ice is the Valley of Fire. And that is where the Volcano Of Synra is located. Silvernist immediately thought of Campion. She remembered the map he copied from the one they had now. Aviel would be after the Black opal no matter what.

She turned around and looked Midori in the eyes. The dragon already had his eyes fixed on her. Silvernist looked away quickly remembering the last time she looked him in the eyes.

“Thank you Midori,” Danielle told him. The dragon blinked and then lifted off into the sky. They watched him fly away.

“Come Silvernist,” Danielle said and touched her shoulder. Silvernist forced her eyes away from Midori. She had this feeling. Midori’s presence sent her a strong feeling that she somehow met this dragon before. She did not want to approve of it knowing it was impossible that she could have met him.

Silvernist tried to erase the feeling completely as she gazed in wonder at the towers of ice. But a cool breeze flew through the air. Silvernist shivered, folding her arms and hugging them close to her chest. The weather grew colder as they entered a thicker part of the valley. Sometimes they had to squeeze through the ice.

Silvernist touched the glimmering ice left her hand there. It was terribly cold! She pulled her hand away and continued walking with the others. She glanced at them and noticed Ariana was missing.

“Phibreal, where is Ariana?” She asked him. He said he did not know.

“Ariana! Where are you?” She and Phibreal called out. They heard a faint voice.

“Ariana?” Silvernist asked.

“I am over here! Come look at this!” Ariana called back. They followed her voice. They found her kneeling in front of a tall ice tower gazing into a black hole.

“What are you doing Ariana?” Timothy exclaimed.

“There is something in here,” Ariana said.

“What?”” Silvernist kneeled beside her and looked into the mysterious black hole also. Ariana moved her head so Silvernist could see fully into the hole.

“What? I don’t see anything!” Silvernist said. All there was was darkness. Suddenly, she felt Ariana touch the back of her head and press it farther into the hole. Silvernist screamed and tried to get her head out of the hole as Ariana laughed. The princess finally let her free and removed her hand. Just as Silvernist put her head out of the hole, two eyes appeared before her. They were violet. She gasped and looked away. When she looked back, the violet eyes were still there.

“Silvie! Get away!” Ariana cried. She grabbed her shoulder and pulled her away forcefully.

“What is it?” Sir Lorando asked. Silvernist freed herself from Ariana’s grasp and looked into the hole once more. I wonder what it is. She thought.

“Come here,” she whispered and waved her hand at the eyes. “I won’t hurt you.” Ariana could believe what she was doing.

“Silvernist! You idiot don’t do that!” She exclaimed. Phibreal touched her shoulder.

“It is ok Ariana. You don’t need to worry so much,” Phibreal told her. Ariana pursed her lips as she watched Silvernist lure out whatever was in the hole.

“Come out!” Silvernist said a bit more louder. The violet eyes floated toward them. Silvernist back away and sat up straighter.

They watched as a small white, furry animal with a long tail came out of the hole. Silvernist looked at it. It looked like a baby.

“Wow! It is very cute!” She exclaimed. She jumped when Sir Lorando leaned over her shoulder to look more closely at the animal.

“What is it?” Silvernist asked him. The animal sat on its hind and stared at her with interest.

“Hmmmm, it is a monkey! I read about them in books. Such marvelous creatures that contain magic but I have never heard of a white one!” Sir Lorando replied. He stretched his hand forward to pet it. It looked at him for a long time and then it opened its mouth to show small, very sharp teeth. It then bit at him. Lorando thrust his hand back quickly.

The monkey’s gaze shifted to Silvernist. She stared back. It stood up on its legs and walked toward her. Silvernist smiled as it began to rub its cheek against her pants. She rubbed the monkey’s head.

Ariana squealed and cried, “So cute!” She was about to pet it when it glared at her. Disappointed, Ariana moved her hand away.

“It seems to only like Silvernist,” Sir Lorando commented. Silvernist was clutching her hand that was touching the fur.

“Its fur suddenly got cold,” she said. “When Ariana was going to pet it, its fur suddenly turned to an icy cold that hurt my hand.” She tried to touch the monkey again but it was back to normal. The monkey stopped rubbing its head against her and gazed at her with its purple eyes.

“I wonder if it is a boy or a girl,” Davey said. He turned to Lorando who looked like he was deep in thought.

“Everyone!” They looked at Danielle. “We need to keep going.”

“Can we take it with us?” Silvernist asked her. Danielle hesitated before saying yes. Silvernist picked up the tiny monkey and cradled it in her arms.

“Do you think it has any parents?” She asked.

“I am pretty sure it does. But I do not think this baby needs to be taken care of now.”

“Where do you think it’s parents are now?” Sir Lorando looked closely at the monkey.

“I do not know,” he replied.

The End

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