Hidden in the Mists

Chapter Eleven

Salvador stared at a white pillar with a plate on top of it in the middle of the cave. It stood to his hips and crescent moons were carved on each side of the pillar. Two gleaming white opals were set on the plate. He touched one with his finger and felt a powerful magic run through his body. We still need a few more of these. He thought. He lifted his finger from the soft, cold surface. He turned his head and looked at Azura and Stefan. Their faces showed boredom.

They have been waiting weeks for the silver witch to arrive. He sighed and turned toward the entrance. Tamas stood, gazing out into the valley. Salvador walked over to him.

“It is very beautiful,” Tamas said. Their eyes scanned the tall, pointy ice figures. Everything in the valley was ice. That was how it retrieved its name.

“Where is Mystra?” Salvador asked. Tamas thought for a moment and then replied, “She said she had to go away for a while.”


“I do not know. She did not say.” Salvador nodded. “Did she say when she would be back?” Tamas shook his head.

“I sure hope she comes back soon so we can know if the silver witch is closer to here. We have very little time.”

Salvador did not reply because he suddenly felt Mystra’s presence nearby. “I think she is here,” he said. Tamas looked at him questionably.

“I will look for her,” Salvador said. He closed his eyes and vanished.

He appeared beside a large tower of ice and around him were many more. He felt Mystra’s presence very near. He walked through the forest of ice sculptures until he came upon a woman with long white hair.Mystra.She was staring into a thick mist of fog.

“Mystra,” he called her name. Silence. Then he stood beside her and looked at her face. Her eyes were closed.What is she doing?Salvador wondered. Then her eyes opened showing her radiant, violet eyes.

“It’s here,” she whispered.

“What is here? Goddess?” He asked her but she lifted her hand telling him to be quiet. He also looked into the fog.

A horse like figure arose out of the mist and started to become clearer. When the fog finally cleared, a majestic unicorn stood there. Salvador gasped. He glanced at Mystra.

“Is that?”

“Yes, this is the Hoarfrost,” Mystra said. The Hoarfrost seemed to be looking at them. Salvador couldn’t tell what its color of eyes was but its coat was pure white and its horn seemed as sharp as the ice sculptures.

“See her mane?” Mystra asked him.Her… so it’s a girl.Salvador thought. He looked at her mane. Sparkly dust was dripping from the strands and disappeared in thin air.

“Amazing,” Salvador said.

“Yes, very,” Mystra said. Suddenly, the Hoarfrost vanished.

“Let’s return to the cave,” Mystra told him and disappeared. Salvador followed her lead. Once they appeared back in the cave, Azura and Stefan walked up to them with Tamas.

“Goddess of magic,” Tamas spoke as he bowed before her. “Is the Silver Witch almost here?” Mystra glanced at all four sorcerers.

“She is already here,” Mystra replied.

The End

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