The raging waves crashed against the cliffs from the strong, cool winds. Silvernist and Ariana stared down at the waters with uneasiness

“Look at that!” Ariana exclaimed and leaned over the edge.

“Ariana! Get away from the edge!” King Timothy exclaimed. Silvernist leaned over as well and saw large caves built into the cliff.

“Ariana!” Phibreal pulled her away from the edge just as a strong wind flew by. Silvernist backed away and stood close to Danielle.

“What now?” She asked her.

“We wait,” Danielle replied. Silvernist did not know what they were waiting for but she became nervous just standing there. All the sudden, a rumble occurred beneath them and they looked over the edge. They gasped when two winged creatures maneuvered from their caves. They started to fly.

“Are those dragons?” Silvernist asked.

“Yes,” Lorando said. “Green dragons. We must be on the Cliffs of Midori.” Silvernist looked at him. Of course, he would know. She thought. Midori…

“This place is said to be the home for the legendary green dragon, Midori, who was said to be alive during the ancient times of magical beings and magical creatures who existed before humans,” Sir Lorando explained.

“I believe Midori was also created of ancient magic.” Silvernist gased at the green dragons. Sir Lorando often mentioned ancient magic but she didn’t quite know what it was. She saw one of the dragons glide sideways with its wings out to both sides and flew towards them.

“Here he is,” Danielle said. “Everybody back away.” The dragon flew closer and began creating furious winds which almost sent them flying backwards. The green dragon then landed in front of them. They gaped in at in awe. It was a large dragon, with beautiful, shining scales. Silvernist couldn’t take her eyes off of it. Its green eyes stared back at them.

“It is so beautiful!” Ariana cried. Arake grabbed her arm and gave her a warning look to be quiet.

“This is nothing compared to the Silver Dragon,” Sir Lorando whispered in Silvernist’s ear. How could anything be more beautiful than this? She thought.

Danielle surprised everyone by walking up to the dragon and holding out her hand. It looked at her for a moment and then bent its head down to her. She touched its smooth nose and closed her eyes.

Silvernist eyed her curiously.

“Come touch him,” Danielle told them. Silvernist went and touched the dragon’s nose.

“IS this Mirdori?” She asked.

“Yes.” She looked the dragon in the eyes. Suddenly, she couldn’t pull her eyes away and an image flashed in her mind. There was a woman with silver hair standing in a field of darkness. A dragon just like Midori, furiously roared in her direction.

The scene vanished and Silvernist felt her head hurt.

“Are you alright?” Arake asked. He touched her shoulder.She’s pale again.He thought. She didn’t reply.

“Silvernist immediately averted her eyes from MIrdori’s and massaged her forehead.What was that?She wondered She glanced Midori and then she and the others climbed on top of the dragon’s back.

Soon, they’d reach The Valley Of Ice.



The End

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