The cliffs By the Sea

Silvernist felt a hand shake her shoulder and she opened her eyes. She closed her eyes again.

“Silvernist get up!” Arake exclaimed. He shook her shoulder a lot harder this time. He watched her eyes open to reveal her silver eyes that immediately shined as her eyelids fully opened. I want to stare at those eyes all day. He thought. Then he shook his head, to get the thought out of his head. It was just that her eyes were so beautiful.

“Silvernist, we are going to leave,” he said. Silvernist sat up.

“Alright,” she said. Arake held out his hand to help her up. She accepted it and he pulled her to her feet. She looked at everyone who had been waiting for her.

“Let’s go,” Danielle told them all. She looked at Silvernist.

“I want you to walk beside me, Silvie.”  Arake saw that her face had gone pale and she looked a little nervous. Silvernist nodded and stood beside Danielle.Is something wrong with her?Arake thought.

“Since we don’t have a ship, We will have to fly across the sea to the Valley Of Ice,” Danielle spoke. Arake turned confused. He glanced at Davey who was as well and so did everyone else.

“I have no time to explain so let’s get going.” The group moved out and Arake walked behind them with Davey.

“It seems Danielle has taken over this mission,” Davey said. Arake nodded and looked at his father.

“Yeah,” he agreed.

“IT’s weird too, because we barely know her,” Davey replied. They watched Danielle wave her hand at Silvernist to make her catch up.

“It looks like she’s taken a liking to Silvernist that’s for sure. Have you ever thought that they were connected somehow?” Arake asked. Davey looked at him.

“What do you mean?” Arake looked away.

“Um, just forget about it.” His eyes turned to Danielle.There is something about her.He thought.

“We stop here,” Danielle said a moment later. Arake stopped walking. It felt like they were only walking for about ten minutes or so.Are we already there?

“This is it. We just have to climb the vines and then we’ll be there.” They began to climb the vines and when they made it to the top, they were standing on top of an enormous cliff above the ocean side. They felt a strong breeze brush across their faces as they looked out at the sea.


The End

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