Danielle and The Voice


Danielle was gone. Silvernist woke up and stared at the spot where she lay. All there was, were a couple of leaves. She sat up tiredly and put both of her arms up to stretch.

“Where did she go now?” She muttered and stood, wiping the leaves and dirt from her clothes. Everyone is here now. She thought and smiled at all of her friends who slept peacefully and calmly. A while ago, she wondered if she would ever see them again. Grabbing her sword, she followed a path of footprints. Then she noticed how tired she was from all the action and adventure. She wanted to sleep, sleep for a long time. She shook her head.

“No time to be thinking about that right now.” The forest was barely lit so she had to watch where she stepped.

“Stay awake.” She felt so tired. Her eyes were closing, her body about to collapse there. “Stay awake.” She told herself once more. Just before they closed, she saw a white light, glowing in the trees before her. She felt the sleepiness fade away and her eyes grew wide as she drew nearer to the light. She wanted to be in it. I felt so warm and tempting to be in as she entered it. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. Voices suddenly filled her ears.

“I need your help. Silvernist is safe and well, but we lost our ship that sank to the bottom of the sea.” Danielle’s voice.

“I know that…” A different voice. When Silvernist opened her eyes, the light was gone, and she felt the cold envelope her, giving her goosbumps. Danielle was standing by the edge of a large pond that sparkled beneath the full moon.. Her back was towards her and she was holding some sort of glowing ball. The voice continued.

“Travel to the Cliffs near the sea. Midori will take you…”Who is Midori?Silvernist thought.

“To the Valley Of Ice,” the voice finished.Valley of Ice? Our next destination!Silvernist covered her mouth with her hand.

“Thank you,” Danielle replied.

“I will be waiting for you. Remember, nothing must get in your way. And Silvernist cannot die.”
“Yes. I will make sure we do not fail you. Trust me.”

“Haven’t I always trusted you?” Silvernist saw Danielle’s upper left lip lift up. Then the light disappeared.

“Silvernist.” She jumped and almost crashed into a tree.

“Y-yes Danielle?”

“Go back to sleep.” Danielle turned around and walked past her.

“Wait!” Silvernist called. The woman stopped in her tracks.

“Where are you taking us? And who is Midori”

“You will see,” Danielle replied. “Now come. We need sleep for our journey.” Silvernist followed her back to the camp. She lay next to Danielle and watched her close her eyes.Danielle, just who are you?

The End

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