The Silver Flames

The gnoll kings eyes were fixed upon the flaming sword. He turned to Ludok with black eyes full of eagerness.

"That sword!" he exclaimed. Ludok nodded as he stared at the sword in amazement.

"Can you tell me what that sword is?" Ludok shook his head. He never knew of a sword like that.

"I want that sword!" The Gnoll King turned to a group of gnoll soldiers.

"Go down there and get that sword for me!" he ordered. He waited impatiently as they swung a long rope into the pit and began to climb down it. The sword is wondrous. So powerful. He thought. 

Silvernist watched the flames in wonder as they disappeared from the blade's surface. The glow faded and she slipped the sword back in its sheath. Then she turned around to see King Timothy kneeling on one knee turning Ariana on her back.

"She's alive." His voice was shaky when he pressed two fingers to her neck. She slid his hands under her neck and knees. He lifted her up.

"What do we do now?" Arake asked. They all looked up to see the gnolls climbing into the pit.

"First we have to deal with them," said Silvernist. Danielle glanced at her. She shook her head and Silvernist gave her an angry glare.

"Here they come," Sir Lorando warned readying his sword. Swarms of gnolls began to surround them slowly threatening them with their poorly made weapons. Silvernist stepped forward.

"I'll handle them all." Danielle pulled her back.

"No, I will." she said.  Silvernist stared at Danielle's back but did not say anything. Why does she not let me use my magic? She really is a strange woman. 

"Everyone stay close to me," she told them. They did and waited impatienly for Danielle to use some kind of magic to get rid of all the gnolls. Suddenly their eyes were blinded by a powerful bright flame that lit up every one of the gnolls that surrounded them. The fire was silver. Silvernist gazed at it in shock as the gnoll's bodies were immediatly devoured. The silver flames then disappeared leaving no trace of any bodies. Silvernist looked at Danielle.

"What was that!?" She practially yelled. Danielle didn't turn to her but her eyes were resting on the way out of the pit. 

"Lets go now," she said. She started to run to the rope. At first, Silvernist hesitated but followed everyone else. The scene when the silver fire appeared stayed in her mind as she reached the rope. Behind her was Sir Lorando. Everyone else was already climbing the rope as fast as they could. Though Timothy was carrying Ariana, he tried his best not to allow his daughter to fall. She was slumped over his left shoulder as he pulled himself up the rope.  

"You go before I," Sir Lorando told Silvernist. She nodded and jumped onto the rope. She used both her feet to push herself up while her arms struggled to pull her up.

"You okay?" Sir Lorando asked her. He began climbing too. 

"Yes, I'm alright," Silvernist replied. My arms are going to be sore after this. She thought as she looked toward the opening of the pit. Two sets of eyes were watching her as she climbed. 

When she gets up here, I will take the sword away. The gnoll king thought. His eyes rested on the sword's hilt. The hilt is like a blade. Then how can she hold it? 

The End

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