Never Ending Flames

Silvernist tried her hardest to squirm out of the hydra's tail that began to squeeze tighter and tighter. She just about gave up when she felt the tail loosen suddenly and she started to fall.

"SIlvernist!" She stopped in midair and floated to the ground safely.She quickly gained her balance but lost it when Danielle yanked her arm, pulling her away furiously. One of the hydra's heads aimed for her where Silvernist had stood. She watched it as it slammed into the ground hurting itself.

"Are you okay?" Danielle asked holding her arm as she perched on the ground. Silvernist nodded and stood up.

"Stay here and see if Ariana is alright," Danielle ordered.

"Wait!" Silvernist cried. She gritted her teeth.

"I will fight too!" She lifted her arms and closed her eyes. A silver bow and arrow appeared rippling though her hands as she positioned herself in an archers stance. She opened her eyes and aimed at one of the hydra's heads. Then she released her arrow. It plunged into the side of the head. Silvernist joyously watched as the whole head began to melt into silver acid leading it's neck to be fully devoured as well. She smiled and made another arrow form in her hands. She shot another and it also turned into acid.

The hydra was shrieking loudly filling everyone's ears with high screams. Glancing at Ariana who lay unconcious, she sprinted toward the hydra with two silver arrows ready this time.

"Stay back!" Danielle yellled and slashed at one of the heads that charged her. Then Silvernist and stopped to stare in horror as two more heads were restored. Strange. She thought. The bow and arrows disappeared and she held up her right hand. Let's see how big I can make this acid ball. She thought. At first the silver ball started out small but it's surfance expanded into a larger sphere. She thrust her arm back ward and then forward. The silver ball raced through the air and crashed into one of the hydra's necks. The acid ball exploded splattering everyone of the necks. They melted completely but soon more grew back. Silvernist studied the hyrda closely.

"Get back!" King Timothy hollared as the hydra was about to breathe fire. Flames excaped it's mout but everyone was not in reach of it. Silvernist put her right foot forward.

"I have a plan!" Silvernist called. "But I need you to cover me!" Once the flames vanished, she ran toward the hydra. I need to get somewhere where the hydra can't get me.

"Silvernist!" She ignored Danielle's voice as she pulled out the Sword Of Blaize. She caught a glimpse of the red glow as her feet furiously pounded the ground. A head lunged at her but Danielle sliced it with her magical sword. Silvernist dodged them all as she practically jumped under the hydra's stomach.

"Silvie! What are you doing!" Sir Lorando asked. He ducked as the hydra's tail swung at him. Taking the sword in both of her hands, she plunged the blade into the hydra's belly. She flung back as flames suddenly appeared around the blade. Her eyese widened as the raging fire spread across the belly making it's way around it's body.

"Silvernist! Get out of there!" Danielle yelled. Silvernist hurriedly grabbed the hilt and scrambled out from under the hydra. She stood by Danielle and watched the hydra's enormous body be eaten by the flames that seemed to never end. It was roaring in pain as its body was being burned, and turning into the ash.

It was soon quiet as everyone stared at the mass pile of ash in horror.

The End

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