The Ancient

Silvernist stepped back and forth as she stared incredulously into the darkness. She looked above her and stared through a wide hole. Phibreal, Mak and their two other companions stared down at them with startled faces. There was also the gnoll king who grinned wickedly anxious to get rid of them.

"Phibreal!" Silvernist heard Ariana scream. The princess's face was pale and her mouth was wavering. Phibreal's weak gaze watched her.

"Unleash the beast!" The gnoll king ordered.

From somewhere inside the pit, they heard a giant gate lift and a peircing, loud roar broke the silence. But there was more than one. Silvernist gripped Arake's arm and squeezed with fear growing inside her. Whatever this beast was, it would be powerful.

Then twelve beady red eyes glared back at them. Ariana whimpered, glancing back and forth between the eyes and Phibreal. She knew this could be her last moment. The eyes drew nearer until they could make out a large six headed monster. It's necks were long and it's body was at least fifty feet tall.

"A hydra. A creature from the ancient magic," Lorando informed them. Silvernist finally released Arake's arm and clutched her sword's hilt.

"What do we do?" she asked.

"We need to fight it. Theres no way we can escape this pit," he replied.

"What about Ariana?" The teacher looked at her.

"You will guard her will we fight."

"Bu-" Timothy, Lorando, Davey and Arake charged the hydra with swords and dagger.

"Aren't you forgetting something?!" Silvernist yelled after them. "I'm a silverwitch!" But the men ignored her and began trying to slay the creature. The heads swooped down to attack back but they jumped out of the way.

"Silvernist," Danielle said. "Let us fight the hydra. We can't risk you getting killed. This world needs you."

"Danielle!" Silvernist cried as the other witch sprinted over to the men. She knew she saw a magical sword apear in the woman's hand. She glanced at Ariana.

"Come on Ariana." They would hide in the shadows but it woudn't last long. The girls disapeared into darkness and stood, watching as the others fought the hydra.

Arake held the weight of the sword high as his father and Davey lunged at one of the heads of the hydrs. Davey plunged his dagger into the creature's eyes that it yowled in plain. Sir Lorando and Danielles slashed at it's legs causing deep wounds in it's skin. The hydra roared even louder.

"You'll never be able to defeat my hydra!" The gnoll king sneered. Silvernist glared at him. He laughed. She would be able to defeat it if only the others would let her. They were risking their lives for her and she caused them to suffer. She couldn't let them die. They were her first real friends she had in years. Including Ariana. Actually she never had any real friends before in her life.

The princess tensed as the hydra blew fire almost covering her father in flames. No, she wouldn't let anything happen to them.

Suddenly they gasped when they saw Arake knocked to the ground and the hydra was leaning over him.

"Arake!" Silvernist yelled yet froze and realised what she had done. All six heads perked up to noticed two pale girls standing in a dark corner. They snarled and charged them.

"Uh-oh." Ariana was glaring at her but Silvernist grabbed her arm to pull her away. The hydra chased them until they began to run out of breath. She felt she had to stop but the hydra was right on their tail and Ariana's speed decreased so soon she was dragging along. Silvernist tried to pull her faster but she accidently tripped falling to the ground with Ariana. One of the the hydra's heads moved fast, diving in to eat them but Timothy slashed it's nose before it could take a bite. It cried out and moved backward.

"Run!" The king yelled. Silvernist nodded and her and the princess scurried. Therefore, unexpectedly, the hydra's tail lashed out on purpose hitting Ariana and sent her flying into a wall barely visible to them.

"Ariana!" Silvernist cried as the princess fell to the gound unconsious. But herself, felt the tail wrap around her waist and lift her from the ground. She looked at Arake or Lorando but they were too busy fighting the hydra. She tried to squirm out of the grip that tightened around her waist, pressing on her bones. She cried out.

The End

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