The Gnoll King

There was a large, grand hall as the gnolls came in holding the prisoners. Silvernist scowled as she saw Ludok talking to a tall, muscular gnoll who was wearing a brown, ragged cape. She guessed that was the Gnoll King. He was sitting in a throne covered with vines snaking their way down the legs of the chair. He and Ludok faced them as the guards forced them to kneel before the king. The king's eyes searched each of them closly. When his eyes settled on Silvernist, they burned into hers which caused her to suddenly look away.

The king stood and slowly walked down the steps. Silvernist watched his furry feet stop in front of her.

"Look what we have here," he said in english. She wondered how he could but maybe it was because he was taught how. She felt a furry paw touch the bottom of her chin and lift it. She found herself staring in the eyes of the king. He had a wide smile that showed all of his crooked sharp teeth.

"A silverwitch."  His hand went to grab a strand of her silver hair but then he released it. He straightened and walked over to King Timothy.

"And it's the King of Zilda! How nice!" The gnoll yelled in a joyfull way. But then his face went serious and he brought his face close to Timothy's.

"Too bad you won't be seeing your precious kingdom ever again." The gnoll laughed although it sounded like a hyena. It went on for a long time until Ariana became irritated.

"What will you do with us?" She asked. The gnoll turned his gaze to her.

"Oooo, Ludok, you chose a pretty one to bring. But your beauty won't last long sweet heart." Ariana narrowed her eyes and tried to shake the gnoll's paw off her cheek. He laughed again but it was inturrupted when an arrow barely scraped the fur off his paw. He looked up and growled when he saw a woman elf, a young man and an older one standing in one of the windows high above them. There was a young gnoll with them also.

"Elanor. Ark'al," he growled under his breath.

"Hands off her," the young man said. The gnoll glanced at Ariana. He smirked and grabbed the princess by the arm yanking her up on her feet. She tried to pull away but the king's grip was too tight.

"You'll never save your love, or your human friends. Phibreal's eyes narrowed. Ariana was looking at him longingly with pleading eyes as gnoll king lowered her to her knees. He turned to one of his guards standing beside a rope and nodded. He pulled it and the floor under the prisoners opened up.

Silvernist and the others felt themselves plunder into a deep pit beneath the ground. The king laughed.

"No!" Phibreal jumped from the window and landed beside the pit in a crouch position.

"Phib!" Elanor yelled and landed beside him with Ark'al and Mak by her side. The king's guards seized them from behind.

"What are you doing!?" Phibreal asked the king. He smiled at them and replied,

"Watch your friends get devoured by my monstrous beast." Phibreal looked into the pit and saw his friends standing close to eachother.

"Phibreal!" He heard Ariana call out.

The End

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