Caged In

Silvernist's breath was caught in her throat when the guards shoved her hardly into the dungeon. It wasn't dark, but it was a lightened cave-like room with a few large cages in each of the corners of the walls. The silverwitch lost her balance and landed face down into the straw covered ground. The same happened to Arake and Ariana. Behind them, the gate shut and they felt the guard's presence leave.

"How rude can they be?" Ariana questioned as she struggled to sit up because her hands were tied behind her back. Silvernist and Arake did the same.

"I knew there was something about Ludok," Silvernist's voice was a bit edgy.

"Silvie? Is that you?!" They heard a woman's voice. Silvernist glanced around. The voice sounded familiar. Her eyes stopped moving when she saw a woman's face peering through the nearby cage. It was Danielle.

"Danielle!" Silvernist cried. "Are you alright!" The woman nodded. Then other figures moved toward the cage and Silvernist recognized them It was King Timothy, Davey and Sir Lorando. Lorando smiled at her and Silvernist smiled back. RIght now she was so happy to see their faces again. But two were missing.

"Where is Phibreal and Mak?" She asked. They glanced at eachother.

"We don't know," Timothy replied casting his eyes downward. Silvernist frowned and caught a glimpse of Ariana. Her eyes were downward and she moved to lean against the wall. Arake sat beside his older sister and put his arm around her shoulders.

Ariana's heart was aching. The past days she actually felt she was falling in love with Phibreal and missed him alot. But did he feel the same way? She stifled a sob that was about to burst.

"We should try to find a way to escape," Silvernist was saying. But after she said that the guards rushed back in and opened the other's cage. They pulled them out and the did the same to Silvernist, Arake and Ariana. They glanced at eachother as they were manuvered from the dungeons.

The End

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