Keepers of Fairy Magic

Silvernist opened her eyes to see blurry faces leaning over her and peering into her eyes. Her vision became clear and Arake, Ludok and Ariana smiled.

"Finally," Ludok said. "You've been out for a few hours." Silvernist just blinked and looked at Arake.

"Your healed."

"Your the one who healed me," Arake replied smiling. She sat up slowly.

"You fainted," Ludok told her and helped her stand up. Ariana came over and linked her hand into hers. "Luckily Arake caught you in time." Arake's face went warm and he looked away. Silvernist was smiling but it suddenly disapeared.

"Your father and the others were captured. By the Gnoll King."

"The Gnoll King?" Arake learned about them back at home. Silvernist nodded and faced Ludok.

"When can we go rescue them?" He looked at her unsure and turned to Arake.

"Are you well enough to?" Arake nodded. Ludok looked at both girls

"Alright. We'll leave in the morning."

That night Silvernist lay a little ways from Ariana and couldn't sleep. She was happy Arake was okay but the voice in her head frightened her. What was this voice? Was this part of her destiny? Would she meet who ever it was had spoken to her? How could she fullfill her destiny without knowing what it was?

The next morning, Ludok woke them very early. Ariana groaned as Ludok shook her shoulder and told her to wake up. She opened her eyes and saw Silvernist begin to stand. Ariana had come to accept her as her friend but she felt guilty talking to her like that the other day. A close one actually. She lazilly sat up and gazed at her suroundings.

Silvernist found her sword and dagger by the bed and secured them onto her belt.

"That's an interesting sword you've got there." Silvernist turned saw Ludok standing behind her. He reached over and softly touched the hilt without cutting himself.

"Where did you get it?" He asked. There was something in his voice that made Silvernist's stomach churn.

"I- I fou-."

"Were ready!" Ariana exclaimed and stood beside them.

"Whoa! Ariana! I just noticed your wearing boys clothes," Arake said. Silvernist laughed. Ariana elbowed her and rolled her eyes.

"Ludok had to lend me these because my dress was tearing," the princess snapped. Silvernist felt Ludok's gaze resting on her sword so this made her even more nervous.

"Come on, let's get going. But let me tell you, the king's fortress is guarded with heavy armed guards so it will be tricky to find a way in. What ever you do, stay with me." The three nodded and followed him out of the cave.

They began the journey to the Gnoll King's fortress with Silvernist walking close behind Ludok, Arake next with Ariana stumbling behind them. The silverwitch glanced back and saw that they were very much farther away from the cave. She turned her eyes back to the ground and stepped over large sticks and rocks. Arake followed her footsteps and turned back to Ariana who's face was grimacing.

"Come on Ariana," he urged her. The princess sighed and pressed a hand to a tree. But tiny movements made their ways across her hand.

"Eww! What is that!" She screamed and shook her hand furiously. Tiny green bugs flew off.

"What are those?" Silvernist asked and crouched to observe them. They had little fat bodies with three legs on each side of it's bofy.

"Gross! Silvie, you are crazy!" They heard Ariana say.

"They are glow bugs. At night when it is pitch black they glow a powerful bright green," Ludok explaimed. He stuck out his hand and touched one of them. Then it climbed onto his hand and jiggled it's antennas.

"What are you doing?" Ariana asked. " Oh, I hate bugs. They're no use to me. And they're disgusting." Ludok stared at her.

"I say these ones are quite helpful. If your lost, their light is so bright they can lead you." Ariana turned her back and Ludok carefully set the glow bug onto the ground. Silvernist watched the little bugs disapear under the leaves. Then the group continued to walk through the jungle.

Silvernist discovered she actually admired the jungle. The tall palm trees looked as if they reached the sky and they swayed in the soft, cool breeze. Birds chirped loudly.

"Ludok, how far away is this Fortress?" Arake questioned. Silvernist noticed the prince was becoming sweaty and his steps began to decrease in speed.

"Not very, maybe about a few more hours." They heard Ariana groan but continued on without stopping. One hour passed.

"Let's stop now Ludok," Silvernist suggested. She was exausted and so were the others. Ludok hesitated and then agreed.

He seems anxious to get there.

Silvernist thought. She sat on a log beside Arake with Ariana. She unhooked the water canteen attached to her belt and took a few sips enjoying as the cold water slid down her throat.

The group rested for a few more minutes and then persisted. They walked a few ways until the sound of a roar inturrupted their thoughts.

"What was that?" Arake asked. Ludok began to walk a different way. Silvernist followed and so did Arake and Ariana. Bewildered, they followed the elf to a clearing. There was a beautiful stream with crystal clear waters and flowers growing along side it. And on the other side were small, violet dragon- like creatures with large green wings with golden swirls. One of them had a beautiful light blue body with pink wings. They were somehow interacting with eachother.

"Stay." Ludok ordered with a whisper.

"What are they?" Silvernist questioned in wonder. They were so beautiful.

"Faerie Dragons," Ludok replied. Silvernist gazed in wonder. Faerie dragons.

"They hold the magic of faries," Ludok went on. "If one dies, so does one fairy."

"That's terrible," Silvernist replied. She glanced at the elf and held in a little gasp. For she saw one of his pointy ears perk. He turned around.

"We have to hide."

"Why?" Ariana followed them behind a large amount of trees and bushels. Ludok didn't reply but stared at the faerie dragons who were now silent. Suddenly, a large group of hyena- like creatures jumped out of the trees. Ropes flew everywhere and were wrapped around the dragon's necks. They squealed in fright and tried to break away from the bands but couldn't. Arake and Silvernist tried to get up but Ludok yanked them back down. He shook his head.

The witch glared at him. Why can't we help them? She watched in sadness as the beautiful creatures were forced the follow the gnolls back into the jungle.

"Let's follow them." Ludok leaped up and led them across the stream.

The End

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