Dead or Alive

Silvernist perched on a large rock with her knees pulled up to her chest. Her head hurt and her muscles were sore from last night. It was horrifying for her to be trapped in that basilisk pit. She shivered just thinking about it. She could have been turned to stone.

Once Arake became better they would rescue King Timothy, Danielle and the rest. Silvernist wished they would go now. But Ludok insisted they wait until Arake healed. Silvernist missed Danielle. She was kind and helped her feel better if she was feeling sad. Silvernist thought she was mysterious as well. Like there was something she didn't know about her.

Foot steps came up behind her and she turned to see who it was. Ariana. She wore big baggy trousers and tan shirt tucked in. The princess's short blonde hair was pulled back into a braid. Silvernist stifled a laugh but failed. Ariana scowled.

"Oh shut up Silvie."

"I like it." Ariana rolled her eyes at the witch's exaggeration.

"My dress was tearing. And it's all your fault."

"My fault?"

"Yes, if you hadn't shown up at the castle, I wouldn't be here right now. And I wouldn't have ruined my favourite dress." Silvernist turned away. Ariana had a point. If she hadn't gone to Zilda, her and the others wouldn't be in this situation. She should have done this alone.

"Ariana! Silvernist! Come now!" Ludok yelled to them. Silvernist jumped up and she and Ariana ran inside the cave.

"What is it?"

"It's Arake and his breathing is very faint." Silvernist and Ariana raced to the prince's bed. His chest was barely lifting.

"Why is this happening?" Silvernist asked. Ludok's handsome face was pale and sweat dripped down his face.

"The poisen must have begun to spread throughout his body. Again. If the poisen continues to spread, his body will eventually stop functioning." Silvernist and Ariana looked at eachother, both terribly worried.

"What do we do?" Ariana asked.

"I... don't know." Silvernist looked at Arake's pale face. There had to be something they could do. Arake couldn't die. Silvernist saw the tears in Ariana's eyes slip down her cheeks. She had to do something.

Suddenly Arake's chest stopped moving and they stood there frozen.

"Arake?" Ariana cried. "He can't be dead!"

"Arake?" Silvernist squeaked. He couldn't be dead. Please be alive! She hoped.


Silvernist flinched. There was that same whisper in her head that apeared when they were on the ship. Who are you? She thought back.

It repeated. Maybe it was telling her to heal the prince.

Heal him?


Said the whisper again. Maybe Silvernist had the power to heal as well.

All right. I'll try.

"Ludok. I think I may be able to heal him." Ariana and the elf looked at her curiosly, nodded and then stepped back. Silvernist knelt onto the floor and held Arake's hand in her's. She closed her eyes and felt a magical power surge through her. Heal him. Please. She thought. Her mouth wavered and tears poured down her cheeks. The magic began to get stronger and suddenly Arake began to glow. Ariana and Ludok gazed on in wonder. The glow was a pure white and was almost as bright as the sun.

Silvernist lended all her strength to the prince so the bright light surrounding them glowed brighter until the whole cave was filled with it. It was a wonderful feeling.

Then the light began to fade and Silvernist felt the magic begin to disapear inside her. Soon the light was gone and all three stared at Arake with eagerness. His eyes slightly opened and his eyes rested on all three of them.

"Ariana? Silvernist?" He asked softly. Ariana began to bawl and rushed over to him. She gathered him in her arms and hugged him furiously. She let go helped Arake stand.

"How? I-I feel great!" He exlaimed and smiled.

"It was all SIlvernist's doing." Ludok replied resting his hand on ther girl's shoulder. Arake's eyes met her's.

Silvernist suddenly felt weak and tired. She felt her body would collapse right at that minute. All that magic she used must have used all her strength to heal Arake.

Then all went black.

The End

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