Baslisk Pit

"My necklace is gone!" Ariana face her.

"Your necklace? You mean the gold chain with the red stone?" Silvernist nodded.

"It's probably long gone now, Silvie." She shook her head.

"No. I had it on when we came here. I know we did." She started to search the ground. Ariana sighed and followed. It was no where to be found.

"It has to be here."

"Just forget it," Ariana implied. "It's gone." Silvernist shook her head again.

"There's only one place it could be." Ariana's eyes widened with fear.

"No! You wouldn't dare!" She cried in horror. Silvernist bent over the basilisk pit.

"It must have fallen off while we leaned over."

"Silvie, you are not going down there. Why is this necklace so imporant to you?" Ariana questioned. Silvernist froze. She didn't know why. She felt she needed it for something. She felt she needed to take care of it. It was calling for her.

Silvernist jumped up and ran to some vines that hung.

"What are you doing?" Ariana asked. Her anger was building. Silvernist yanked on a vine.

"You are going to lure me down into the pit." Ariana gritted her teeth. Silvernist shoved one end of the long vime into her hands.

"I don't know if I'm strong enough," she heard Ariana say. She lay on the ground and swung her feet over the side of the pit.

"Silvie," Ariana wavered. "Don't die because if you do, this world will die." Silvernist nodded, put her feet out in front of her and started to climb down. She kept her eyes on her feet that struggled, trying to keep their place on the rock wall. At some points, she glanced down to see the ground start to reach her. She looked up. This was a deep pit. She hoped Ariana was doing ok holding her on the vine.

Soon, Silvernist was standing on hard groud. She looked up but couldn't see out of the pit for fog was everywhere. Silvernist panically searched for her necklace. She held her sword in her hand if any basilisks attacked. She hoped not. Slim chances were she might even be turned to stone and then the world would be in Aviel's hands.

There. There was her necklace sitting not far from her waiting. Silvernist raced to it and reached out to grab it. But before she even touched it, fog shifted and she found herself face to face with a sleeping Baslisk. She held in a shriek and slowly picked up the chain with her finger. Hurry. Get to the vine. She told herself. She practically sprinted to the vine but before she tied around her waist, a lound shriek sounded close by. The Basilisk was awake.

Sweat trickled down her face as her fingers fumbled with the vine. Finally, it was tied and she was ready to climb. The presense of a Baslisk was closer.

Dont look. She thought. She heard it let out snarling noises which caused her to immediatly start climbing.

Ariana's arms were screaming as she pulled Silvernist up. She didn't notice the vine rubbing against the rock. Snapping noises caused her to open her eyes. The vine was tearing. No! She pulled with all her strength, but it was too late. The vine broke and she heard Silvernist scream.

"Silvie!" She called and leaned over the pit.

Silvernist hit the ground with such force it knocked the wind out of her. She struggled to regain her breath. Luckily nothing was broken. But she was back in the Baslisk pit and one of them was awake.

"Silvie!" She heard Ariana yell. "Are you ok?"

"I am!" She replied. Silvernist scrambled to her feet. Around her, she listened for the Baslisk'd shrieks.

"Hurry! Silvie!" Ariana yelled again. Silvernist followed the princess's voice. Her hand found a wall and she stood against it. Then something touched her shoulder. It was another vine. She grabbed it with one hand andthen saw the figure of the Baslisk apear out of the fog. Silvernist shut her eyes and unsheathed her sword. Suddenly, she felt herself being lifted up. The Baslisk leaped at her feet but missed.

Silvernist opened her eyes and grimaced from the pain when the rocks scratched at her arms. The top was very near. And when she reached the very top, she gasped when two strong hands pulled her out and helped her stand. Silvernist looked into an handsome face of an elf.

"Th-thankyou," she said. She sheathed the sword quickly.

"What were you doing down there?" He demanded. Silvernist glanced at Ariana who was huddled next to a tree.

"I lost something very important down there. But I got it back." The elf stared at her and then turned to walk away.

"Come with me," he ordered. Silvernist felt her legs weaken with exhaustion but forced them to move.

The End

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