Part Eight

The jungle grew darker as the two girls made their was throught it. Ariana trailed behind while Silvernist walked ahead.

"Can we stop now?" Ariana asked. Silvernist stopped, looked at her and then looked at the sky.

"Alright." Ariana slumped onto a stump while Silvernist still stood.

"We should sleep."

"On the floor? Certainly not. It's dirty, covere with bugs and snakes might come along and-"

"I know! But where else? In a tree?"

"Well, yes," Ariana replied slowly.

"How are we supposed to climb up a tree?" She didn't reply was stare of into the trees.

"Ariana, I'm hungry, so why don't we find some food. And maybe we'll find some sort of shelter on the way." She nodded and followed Silvernist. Ariana walked beside her and grabbed her hand. They were both afraid. It suddenly got dark and the jungle was silent. Soon, they could barely see where they were going. Silvernist thought of something.

"Here," she said and released her hand from Ariana's. She held out her hand, closed her eyes and whispered a spell. A whitish glowing ball apeared making the jungle better to see. For the first time, Silvernist saw Ariana smile. She actually looked pretty under all that dirt, matted hair and dirty face.

"Much better," she said. Silvernist and her started walking again with Silvernist holding the glowing ball.

"Look for some fruit in the trees or on the ground," she suggested. She shined the light upward to the treetops. There, she spotted a bunch of yellow objects hanging from some branches. Maybe that was food, She tapped Ariana's shoulder and pointed upward.

"Is that food? It looks strange." Silvernist sent a strong wind that made some of them dall down. She picked up two and handed one to Ariana. They sat down on a log and stared at their food.

"I never seen such food," Ariana said. She bit into it.

"Ugh. This is wierd." Silvernist moved it around in her hands feeling the smooth surface.

"Maybe theres something inside it." Ariana gave her the food and she peeled away the bitten part. Now, she was peeling off all of the outer surface. Then she held a white one in her hand.

"Try it now." Ariana bit off a piece and chewed it.

"Mmmm, this is actually good. I wonder what it is." Silvernist ate hers as well and found that she was enjoying it too. It was soft as she ate it and and it had a sweet taste.

"When this journey is over, we'll have to bring a whole bunch back to the kingdom," Ariana said in a delightful voice. Moments later, they had eaten their food and were wonderinf what to do now.

"Silvie, what is that?" Ariana aske in a tone of voice Silvernist did not like. She looked and saw light flashing beyond the trees.

"I don't know. Let's find out." They stood up and started toward it. Ariana held a firm grip on her arm that it almost hurt. The lights became brighter as they got closer and now they were standing before a foggy, pit with lights flashing below.

"What is that!?" Ariana exclaimed.

"It's- it's a Basilisk pit." Silvernist read about them in a book back in Aviel's library. The Basilisk pit was home to Basilisks. They were lizard creatures with a large green body, with three legs on each side. It's face had peircing black eyes that if you looked at them with one glance, you'd be turned to stone.

"We shouldn't be here. It's dangerous." They stood up from kneeling over the edge and walked away from the pit. Silvernist put her hand to her chest to grip her necklace. She did this when she was nervous. But this time it wasn't there.

NOTE: They have fruit in their kingdom like grapes, apples etc. except they never had tasted tropical fruit

The End

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