Reptile Isle

Something touched Silvernist's dace and she opened her eyes. Rain had her tiny hand on her cheek and was gazing at her.

"Wake up. We're here," she said softly." Silvernist sat up and stretched. Behind her, Ariana stirred. Bluecoild was standing on a white beach and a huge jungle shown before their eyes. This was Reptile Isle. Silvernist slid down the dragon's back and landed in the soft sand. Ariana stood beside her and stared at the jungle.

"So we are going in there?"she asked. The witch nodded.

"Silvernist," she heard Rain call. The water fairy hovered above the grounf next to Bluecoil.

"Go and find your friends," Rain said. "You will, don't worry." She smiled and Silvernist nodded. She looked at Bluecoil, her heart sinking. She went up to him and he bent his nose down to her so she could touch it. His blue, smooth scales tickled her hand but she didn't care.

"Goodbye Bluecoil," she said. He blinked and nudged her.

"I'll miss you."

"Me too. Be safe and take care of the sword as well. Whatever you do, don't lose it," he replied. Silvernist nodded.

I won't." Bluecoil started to swim away and then dived into the blue waters. Rain did also.

Silvernist would miss that water dragon. And Rain. Now, they would have to find the others. How long would that take? She turned to Ariana who had been silent the whole time.

"Come on, let's go." Ariana shook her head nervously.

"Princess, we have to find the others." Silvernist headed to the jungle. A few moments later, Ariana began to follow.

"If I'm the princess, then I should be giving orders." Silvernist ignored her and they entered the jungle.

"Are you sure we should go in there? It looks really dark."

"If you want to find the others, we have to. Rain said they would be here," Silvernist replied. She climbed over a fallen tree and looked back to see Ariana struggling because of her skirts. She sighed and helped her.

"You really shouldn'd have worn this dress."

"Princesses don't wear boy's clothes. Like you," Ariana snapped. Silvernist helped her over and they continued.

"Aaaahhh!" She turned gripping her sword's hilt. Ariana stood frozen as  a giant bug with a long body and far stretched wings flew in front of her face. Silvernist laughed.

"It's only a dragon fly. They won't harm you." Ariana shook her head and pointed to a tree close by. Silvernist gasped as she saw a long, green snake worm it's way around the tree. She grasped Ariana's hand and pulled her away from it.

"I dislike this place. I want to get away from here," Ariana whined. Silvernist kept pulling her along.

"It's alright. No harm will come to us." She felt the princess trip and tried to catch her but she landed face down into the dirt.

The End

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