Arake's eyes fluttered open and he found himself lying on a hard, poky bed. His shirt had been removed and a blanket was up to his chest. He looked up at the ceiling seeing it was rock. He must be in some sort of cave. Beside him was a table with a bowl, and cloth and hanging on the wall was lit torch giving the cave a faint lighting.

He tried sitting up but his body was too weak.

"Don't get up," a low voice sounded. It came from the cave entrance. A tall hooded figure stood there. Arake stared at him.

"Who are you?" He managed to say. The figure removed his cloak revealinglong blonde hair, gray cold eyes and -- pointed ears.

"Your an elf." He nodde, came to the table and dipped the cloth into the bowl. He wetted it and then pressed it against his forehead.

"You have been terribly poisened, he said.

"Poisened," Arake replied remembering his encounter with that lizard thing.

"In a few days, hopefully you will regain your strentgh." The elf left the warm cloth set against the prince's forehead.

"How long have I been asleep?"

"About two days."

"I'm Ludok."

"Arake." Ludok nodded.

"Where am I?"

"Reptile Isle. One of the most dangerous islands that floats on the sea." Arake remembered his fathe and the others talking about it. They said they would stop on Reptile Isle. Coud they be here now?

"How did you end up here?" Ludok asked.

"I was on s hip when a storm hit. I went over board and then... I ended up here." Ludok stared at him with cold eyes a firm jaw.

"I saw otherd on the island. I wonder if you might know them." Arake sat up suddenly forgetting how weak he was.

"Really?" He was so excited it made his body ache. Ludok put a hand on shoulder and pushed him gently back onto the bed.

"Sshh, right now rest and I'll talk with you until morning." Arake closed his eyes.

The End

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