Below him, the ground was soft and moved when his hand advanced. Arake opened his eyes finding himself staring at a glittery, light colored substance. Sand. With his body weak, he lifted his head and found an jungle of ever growing trees, vines and darkness beyond. He sat up straight and his eyes turned to the ocean which shone so brightly from the sun's glare.

Arake stood up painfully. The only thing he remembered was a fierce wind and being swallowed by the waves of the sea. He thought futher and remembered the terrible storm, the ship and his friends. The memory of that brought him to gaze out into the open sea. There was no sigh of a ship or anyone else on the island.

What happened to everyone? He made himelf believe they were still alive. First, he needed to figure out where he was. His gaze turned to the massive jungle and large jagged mountains beyond it. The jungle was dark and made Arake's stomach to tingle.

Arake took a step foward which led to more and soon he was entering the jungle. It was packed with bushes and trees that few light shone through the tall canopies. Leaves and twigs crunched beneath his feet as he pushed through bushes and vines. His heart began to beat harder as he ventured furthur. Loud bird calls rang in his ears and snakes slithered about the ground and trees hissing. He was afriad one of them might bite him now and send a venomous poisen throughout his body.

Arake flinched when a high roar filled the jungle. It was a strange roar. More like a shriek. And it sounded like it was coming from behind him. He grew pale when he heard it again. This time, it was closer. Sweat poaring down the sides of his cheeks, he searched the trees in panic.

There it was. Bushes to his right parted and a strange lizard like creature crouched there glaring at him with big black eyes. It shreiked causing a stabbing pain in his ears. He winced and broke into a run.

Arake looked over his shoulder discovering that the creature was following him. It's fat, brownish body moved even faster than himself. Arake's breath was becoming heavier and he felt he needed to stop. But there was a strange creature chasing him.

All of the sudden it leaped onto his back and he went tumbling to the ground. He and the creature wrestled with much struggle. It's longe tounge was blood red and lashed out at him with a hiss. Arake noticed it had sharp teeth as well. He cried out as it sank it's teeth into his shoulder making blood flow. The pain stung so hard his eyes watered. And soon, he felt something painful move into his arms and chest. It must be poisen. He screamed then managed to release the lisard from his shoulder. It snarled and snapped in his face.

"Help!" Arake yelled but knew help couldn't possibly some. The lizard screeched for an arrown hit it and it collapsed on top of him. Before Arake could see who saved him, he blacked out.

The End

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