"I can tell that you need help," Rain said. Silvernist and Ariana stared at her dumbly.

"Uh, yeah," Ariana replied a bit edgy.

"Reptile Isle isn't very far from here. I brought a friend with me he can take you there." Suddenly, the two felt themselves being lifted from the water. Silvernist noticed then that they were sitting on top of a  blue dragon.

"Bluecoil?" Silvernist asked with her face full of surprise. The dragon looked into her eyes.

"Nice to see you again," he replied. The witch smiled. Bluecoil started to swim and Rain flew beside them.

"How did you we were here?" Silvernist questioned the water fairy.

"Water Faries fly around at night because the days are too hot. I was minding my own business until I saw you."

"What happens if you come out of the water during the day?" Ariana asked.

"We melt because of the heat," Rain replied. "And how did you two become stranded in the ocean?"

"Our ship was attacked. By mermaids," Silvernist replied sadly.

"Oh, the mermaids. They are cursed you know. Whenever they see a ship they attack it. They can't help themselves," Bluecoild answered this time.

"Why? Why are they cursed?

"The Sea Of Magic is ruled by a merman king named Julias. A long time ago, his wife was captured by a group of sailors because of her beauty. He never saw his wife again. And so since Julias was filled with so much rage, he cursed the mermaid to attack any ship they see. Because of the sailors, innocent people are being attacked and destroyed."

"But that's wrong and so long ago! And Julias still hasn't lifted the curse?" Bluecoil shook his head.

"His wife was the only one he loved. They were so much in love that they never wanted to be seperated from eachother."

"He's blaming us of his wife's death!" Silvernist exlaimed. They then noticed that Ariana was sleeping so that they lowered their voices.

"Is there any way to break the curse?" Silvernist asked.,

"No one knows," Bluecoild replied.

Rain flew up to Silvernist.

"Dear, you should sleep now." Silvernist nodded. She was exhausted, so she rested her head against Bluecoil's scaley neck and slept.

The End

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