Both girls wiped their faces and lay down to sleep. The sun beat down on them, burning their skin. How long would they be here for? One night passed by. Silvernist and Ariana let the waves take them wherever. They had no idea where they would end up. That night, Ariana whimoered. Silvernist put her arm around her to comfort her. They hadn't eaten since the invasion and now they were starving.

"It's ok, Ariana. Land will show up soon." Ariana lifted her head.

"How do you know?" she snapped.

"I have hope. I know we will make it to land."

"Hmph," was all Ariana could say.

The night was cooler than the day so it cooled them off.

Silvernist was nervouse. Who knew what was swimming below them them? A shark? A seamonster? She looked ahead and gasped. A round, blu glow was floating just above the water. She poked Ariana and pointed toward the light.

"What is that?" Ariana asked.

"I don't know." In time, they drew closer to the light. It started to move. Silvernist and Ariana gasped. Before they knew it, they were right in front of it. The blue glow began to fade out and soon revealed, a tiny person. She wore a long blue dress. Her long blonde hair fell around her shoulder and her wings sparkled. The woman was smiling at them.

"Who are you?" Silvernist asked.

"I am Rain. A water fairy."

The End

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