Part Seven

The blue sea was at rest as two girls were swept away along the waves. The sky had cleared up over the night from a raging storm. Silvernist stirred. Half of her soaked in the water and her upper body rest on top of the chest. Ariana slept next to her. Silvernist's eyes opened slowly. At first she was expecting to be laying in her bed on the ship, but remembered the terrifying night that occured.

The Asesino was gone. Gone forever.

Now, Silvernist and Ariana were stranded in the middle of the ocean where no land was near. How long would they have to stay this way? Until they died? It took a little bit for Silvernist's eyes to adjust to the bright midmorning. The air around her was so hot she found that she already had sunburns on her shoulders. Her head hurt.

Silvernist looked at Ariana. Her face was buried in her arm and her back was slighty moving. She lightly touched the princess's shoulder and shook her awake. Ariana moaned.

"Not now papa," she muttered. Silvernist rolled her eyes and shook her again. This time with more effort. Ariana lifted her head. Her eyes met Silvernist's.

"Where are we?" She asked.

"Don't you remember?" Ariana kept her gaze locked on her's and nodded.

"Where are the others?" Silvernist shook her head.

"I don't know. We were seperated. I hope they hadn't-"

"Don't say it," Ariana said with sorrow. Silvernist felt the same way as she did. The others could have drowned or otherwise have made it to land somewhere. Thinking about it made her head hurt even worse.

What would they do now? Just sit here and float? Silvernist shook her head.

"Ariana. Help me." Ariana looked puzzled but then realised what she meant. She hesitated but followed. Silvernist and her started to kick. They felt themselves moving now.

Later, Ariana started to whine.

"Ow, my legs hurt."

"Come on just keep kicking." Silvernist was anxious to get somewhere. Ariana grabbed her arm.

"Silvernist, stop. We've been doing this for too long,"  she said sharply. Silvernist didn't listen. She wanted to get out of the ocean. She couldn't die here. Not now. Not when the world is at stake. Tears stung her eyes. Her throat was parched, she yearned to drink fresh water and eat some delicious food.

"Silvernist stop!" Ariana yelled. She grabbed both her arms. Silvernist finally quit and broke into sobs. She hurriedly wiped the tears away for she didn't want the princess to think she was weak.

Surprisingly, Silvernist couldn't help it, but bury her face in Ariana's shoulder and cry. Ariana cried along with her.

The End

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