The Destroyers of The Sea

The sky was darker, the waves were more rough and it felt as if the ship would flip over.

Silvernist was staring at Sir Lorando waiting for him to reply. He finally did.

"The mermaids. Everytime a ship comes along, they attack. They're cursed." Captian Mak heard this and ordered for Silvernist, Ariana and Danielle to go below.

"I want to stay!" Silvernist refused loud enough so she could be heard over the howling winds.

"Come on Silvie." Danielle pulled the witch along with her. They opened a cellar like door built in the bottom of the deck and climbed dow the latter. Danielle shut the door and they stood there waiting to know what would happen.

So the cause of why ships are destroyed is becuase of the mermaids? Silvernist thought. If the mermaids were cursed, that means there has to be some reason why they are.

It was pitch black so Silvernist couldn't see where Ariana or Danielle were standing. A whimper came from Ariana who was standing on Silvernist's right side. Silvernist found her shoulder and touched it.

"It's alright." Silvernist felt Danielle's cold hand take hers. They're feet were planted there and did not move a muscle. They were much to frightened to.

Suddenly Silvernist felt someone start to stroke her hair. Her eyes grew big and her face went pale. Danielle? Ariana? Was it one of them? The hand then caressed the back of her neck. The hand was wet and slimy. It moved down the side of her neck and rested on the girl's shoulder. Silvernist couldn't help but let out a loud shriek which made Danielle and Ariana jump.

Silvernist turned sharply and barely saw two red eyes blinking back at her. Danielle and Ariana saw them too. They raced up the latter and immediatly shoved the door open and dashed out into the pouring rain.

"What are you doing?" Captian Mak asked. "Get back down there!" The three shook their heads.

"A mermaid. We saw it. Well, not all of it," Silvernist said in a shaky voice. Suddenly a shrill laugh apeared. Then a woman stood before them with more surounding them. They were cover in seaweed with one or two fins on their arms or sides.

"Mermaids can also walk on land," Sir Lorando told Silvernist.

The mermaids attacked.

Everywhere, there was fighting and swords were pulled. A mermaid rushed at Silvernist with a sharp dagger in her hand. Silvernist took out her own and blocked it before it could plunge into her heart.

Phibreal was protecting Ariana as the creatures attacked them.

"Ariana, just stay behind me." The princess nodded but a merman came up from behind. Ariana noticed, screamed and lifted her foot to kick him in the face. Sir Lorando, the king and Davey fought the creature and killed a few. The mermaids killed many. Danielle noticed some of them went below but was too caught up in the battle.

In the dark sky, lighting danced and one bolt hit one of the masts and it went tumbling toward the deck. Everyone jumped ou of the way until it hit the deck with much force. There was now a fire and the mermaid retreated.

Silvernist then noticed the ship was going down. The mermaids did this!

"Captian!: Timothy screamed. The man looked at them with fright in his eyes. His face was pale and he seemed to be shaking. He would soon loose his ship.

"Jump!" He finally said. Silvernist and the other obeyed.

The water was freezing cold as they hit it. The waves were also so big that the crew found themselves being seperated from eachother. Silvernist had trouble swimming for waves crashed down on her and water filled her nose. But luckly she spotted some lost cargo heading her way. Her hands reached out and touched a big chest. She rested herself on top of it.

Something caught her eye and she realised it was Ariana, floating toward her. She grabbed the princess's dress and lured her onto the chest with aching muscles.

"Ariana, please wake up!" The princess then coughed up water and her eyes opened. She looked at Silvernist with tears in her eyes. They both then stared at the ship that just sunk beneath the waves.

That was the end of the Asesino.


The End

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