A Raging Storm

"Romon Blaize and his fearless slayers had no fear of facing the most furocious black dragon. But once they faced it, Romon had no clue that there was a traitor in his group. This traitor was named Tinom. Tinom was jealous of Romon for being the best slayer to hold the magical sword the four sorcerers had assembled for him. Tinom wanted it for himself. Any way, the dragon's mouth was wide open and ready to gobble them up, when Tinom impeld Romon into the dragon's mouth. That was then the greatest slayer had been eaten by the Black Dragon."

Everyone sat at the dining table the third night they were back on the voyage. While they ate, Phibreal was telling them the death of Romon Blaize.

"And still to this day, a secret band honors Romon Blaize and still carries out the slayer tradition." When he finished, everyone was staring at him.

"How do you know all this?" Sir Lorando questioned. Phibreal blushed and looked down at his food.

"My father told the story to me when I was young," he replied.

"What happened to Tinom?" Davey asked.

"Tinom was executed by his own band of slayers after what he had done to Romon. And The Four sorcerers then took back the sword and called it the Sword of Blaize. Then they hid it but Andorra came along and..." He stopped and the rest knew, of course.

The group finished eating their dinner and went their seperate ways.

Silvernist was still awake in her bed and pictured the story of Romon Blaize, Phibreal had told them. It must have been horrible to be eaten by a dragon. She thought. But then her thoughts switched to Aviel.

"Danielle?" She asked quietly and hoped her friend was still awake.

"Yes?" she replied.

"Do you think we can stop Aviel?" It took Danielle a while to answer.

"You just have to believe."

The next day was cloudy and the air was the scent  of rain. Silvernist was mopping the deck when she felt a drop of rain hit her arm leaving it to tingle from the cold. It was starting to rain. Silvernist picked up the bucket and carried the broom with her as she made her way into the cabin to put the stuff away. There would be no need to mop.

She walked back out and saw that the sailors were still working. The clouds had gotten thicker and the waves were slapping angrily at the sides of the ship. There would be a storm tonight and Silvernist hoped it wasn't a big one. Strong wind blue the sails wildly and Silvernist felt that she would fall over.

Heavy dropplets banged against the deck making the boards look dingy. Her stomach tingled as she stood in the rain and watched to waves crash against the boat. The sound of thunder boomed in her ears loudly, making her jump. Danielle apeared by her side.

"It looks like it's going to be a big one," she said nervously. Silvernist nodded.

I warned you. It was a whisper. Silvernist touched her head. Who was that?

Arake raced up to them and said loudly so they could hear him over the rain.

"Father says that we all stay in the cabin until the storm is over!" Lighting caught their eye and thunder clouded their ears. Danielle grabbed Silvernist's arm and pulled her toward the cabin. Arake followed but Silvernist stopped. Something had caught her eye. It was a face leaned over the side of the ship. But before Silvernist get a closer look, lighting flashed and the face was gone.

"Silvernist? What is it?" Arake asked.

"I thought-." She shook her head. "It was nothing." Before they entered the cabin they heard a song. Silvernist's eyes widened as she remembered hearing it. The mermaid. Silvernist ran to the side of the ship and looked into the foggy ocean.

"Silvie!"Danielle called. "What are you doing?!" Silvernist ignored her but listened to the song. It was coming closer.

Her dream was coming true.

A mermaid apeared in the fog. She sat on a large rock singing. She was the same one Silvernist saw in her dream. And she was singing the same song. The mermaid drew closer and soon Silvernist was looking into her eyes.

"...the destroyers of the sea
are within"

The mermaid then plunged into the ocean. What was happening?

"That was a mermaid!" Sir Lorando exclaimed. Some how he was standing beside Arake.

"Oh no. They're coming." Silvernist glared at the man.

"What do you mean?" But before he could reply, they heard a splash. They turned their eyes to the water.

"Where's Arake?" Danielle asked. They looked around for him but he was no where to be seen.

"Man overboard!" Sir Lorando yelled. The sailors became alert and started to grab some rope. The powerful wind must have knocked the prince overboard.

"Arake!" Silvernist and Danielle called but no one came out of the water. He couldn't have drowned. No, not Arake! King Timothy ran over.

"Where's my son!' He yelled. Thunder crashed and the ship rocked violently causing them to hold onto the ship tightly. Silvernist's heart pounded against her chest. Arake! Where are you?

"Arake! Arake!" It sounded like the king was going to explode into sobs. Ariana was beside him hugging his side. Was she worried too?

"Don't worry papa. He's still alive." Ariana choked on her words. He has to be.

Silvernist turned to Sir Lorando.

"Tell us what's going on! Tell us!" She yelled in his face. The man was pale and looked as frightened as she was. Before he could reply, the ship rocked violently and they all went sprawling onto the deck. Waves crashed on top of them making them soaking wet. They got up and regained their balance. Ariana was still hooked to her father and was sobbing. Davey was just standing there, scared to death. Silvernist wondered how he felt to loose a best friend.

The End

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