Song of the Mermaid

The same dream apeared to Silvernist days ago.

She was on the same ship as she was now but around her was dark and foggy and this strange song filled her ears. Suddenly, she spotted a figure up ahead. Until it came closer, she realised what it was. It was a beautiful mermaid with long golden hair and shiny blue eyes with a blue tail sitting upon a rock. The mermaid was looking into her eyes and was singing. But it wasn't a happy song, it sounded depressing. The words echoed in her ears.

"Poisined by darkness
of all who crosses
The destroyers of the sea
are within"

"Go back, never return
Or be poisined by darkness
The destroyers of the sea
are within"

Unexpectedly, the mermaid was changing. Her eyes weren't that beautiful ocean blue. They were black along with her hair and tail. And this time the mermaid attacked.

Silvernist sat up in her bunk breathless. She was sure Ariana and Danielle could here her trying to regain her breath. Danielle came by her bunk and touched her arm.

"Are you alright?" She asked.

"Yes, it was just a dream."

The End

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