Back On Board

Two days had passed since that night and the theif hadn't returned at all. Silvernist had begun to forget all about it. The ship was about ready for them to continue their journey. Silvernist missed sailing the waves and couldn't wait to be out on the sea again.

Their fourth day in Risenife was re-settling back on the ship. Phibreal and Danielle were their new comers. The Asesino was well repaired and was fit for the journey.

"Cast off!" Captian ordered the day they were finally leaving Risenife. The sails were released  and the anchor was lifted so the ship started to drift out into the sea. The beautiful island was slowly becoming farther away from them. Silvernist stood beside Danielle and watched the seagulls fly. She had gotten to know this other witch alot more the past few days. They were becoming good friends.

Arake stood on the other side of Silvernist. He was sad to leave land but gratefull that they could finally move on. He notice that Ariana hanged around Phib alot. He and Phibreal didn't get along very well after they met. He acted like he was better than him. Arake felt the anger boil inside of him. No, he isn't!

Risenife began to fade away before them and the ship slightly rocked back and forth among the waves.

Silvernist was still Ariana's maid. She reminded her after they set off. Silvernist would have to bring her breakfast, make her bed, and wash her clothes and sort them after. This was going to be a long journey. 

Danielle was off on her own sometimes doing... something. She was very distant didn't speak much. But she seemed trustworthy and kind. Danielle even settled the arguments Silvernist and Ariana had.

A day after sailing, Silvernist brought Ariana some bread, cheese and water for breakfast. Ariana was relaxing on her bunk when she came in.

"Silvie!" She said sitting up. "My breakfast! Just set it on my lap." Silvernist obeyed. She waited for a thankyou but got nothing. She watched the princess, start to eat her food. After  a while, Ariana realised her maid was just standing there.

"Well... don't you have to mop the deck?" Silvernist narrowed her eyes and walked away. She didn't feel like causing an argument between them. She passed Danielle on the way but didn't say anything. Arake and Davey were talking inside their cabin but Silvernits didn't bother to listen.

She wondered what other kind of adventures they would have.

The End

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