"Who are these two?" King Timothy asked as the group returned to the ship.

Phibreal stepped up to him and bowed.

"I am Phibreal, your majesty." Timothy glanced at Sir Lorando and then back at Phibreal.


"Danielle," said the tall slim woman who stood before him. She stared at him for a while. Ariana stepped in and explained they'd met them while exloring the city. Timothy raised an eyebrow at his daughter. She continued,

"And, I uh asked Phibreal to come along."


"Danielle is also," Silvernist added.

"Don't we already have enough people to come on this journey?" Timothy whined.

"Timothy is right," Sir Lorando jumped in. Ariana walked up to her father.

"Please let Phibreal come. ," she pleaded. Timothy looked into her pleading eyes that he couldn't stand.

"Danielle saved our lives from a griffin who attacked us on the hill with the bell tower," Silvernist said.

"Alright, they can come." Sir Lorando sighed. Silvernist looked at Danielle who was staring off into the distance. Her face showed no emotion.

"Lorando, it's almost dark so take them to the inn. We'll be here for a few days until the ship is repaired. I'll meet you all there." Sir lorando nodded but it was obvious he was annoyed and exausted. They followed him back into the city.

"Here," Danielle said pointing to a large building that said Danja's Inn . They walked in. A tall lady with short auburn hair walked up to them.

"Hello," she said. She gave them a warm smile. "May I help you?"

"Yes. We need three rooms please," Danielle replied. The lady smiled, left and came back with three keys.

"Up the stairs, down the hall and there will be three doors on the right side."

"Thankyou," Danielle said and then they climbed the stairs.

"Me and Davey will be in one room, Danielle, Silvernist and Ariana in another and Arake, you will be in the last room with your father," Sir Lorando explained. Everyone nodded and got settled into their rooms. King Timothy came an hour later.

The girl's room contained two beds with a desk standing against the wall. Danielle lit a candle so they could see. Brown drapes hung in front of the window. Ariana rushed to one bed, collapsed on top of it and suddenly fell asleep. Silvernist and Danielle would be sharing the other.

Silvernist took off her necklace and set on the desk.

"Where did you get that?" Danielle asked.

"I bought it at a jewelry market." Danielle picked it up in her hand and stared at it with curiousity. She set it back down and slipped into bed. Silvernist followed. The candle was blown out and they lay there looking into the dark room.

"Why are you coming?" Silvernist asked.

"I see that you need help," Danielle whispered.


"Just go to sleep, we have a long day tomorrow." Danielle repositioned herself and was quiet after that. Silvernist was still awake though. Who exactly is Danielle? She thought. She felt she could trust her. Danielle was a witch like herself but how did she know her name?

Silvernist closed her eyes and fell asleep. But it seemed only a short time that she slept. For when she woke it was still dark but she heard something. That something was moving  beside the bed. Danielle? No she was asleep beside her. Silvernist froze wondering who was in their bedroom.

It sounded like someone was searching for something. Was it was theif? What would he want in here? As her thoughts went deeper she realised the only valuable item in here was her necklace. Without thinking, she gasped and whoever it was seemed to get up and race to the door. Silvernist sat up.

"Hey!" The door was jerked open and Silvernist jumped out of bed and raced out of the room. She heard Danielle's voice.

"Silvernist, what is it?" But she followed the theif down the stairs.

"Stop!" She yelled. She chased after the theif through the front door and into the outside. The man's figure was big but she couldn't see his face.

For some reason, she felt tempted to chase after the man who stole her necklace. Why?

"You! Stop!" But of course the man wouldn't listen to her and continued to run through the streets. 

Then Silvernist realised she was gaining up on him. She threw herself at him and tripped the man that he landed face down into the ground. He grunted and tried to kick her off but Silvernist kept her grip on him.

"Give me it! Or else!" Silvernist didn't know why but something was pulling at her to get the necklace back. Like, it was calling to her.

"Get off of me," the man snarled. He sounded familiar. Silvernist searched his hands until she found the necklace. She snatched it from him and her eyes found the red stone. Then she looked at the man who lay on the ground. It was the man who sold her the necklace from before. Why did he want it back?

She watched as he got up and sprinted away from her until he was out of sight. Silvernist's eyes rested on the necklace. Her head was spinning from bewilderment. What was with this necklace? What was so important about it? Because it held magic? What kind?

Her thought were inturrupted by the sounds of Danielle's voice calling her name.

"Silvernist! Where are you?!"

"Here!" Silvernist replied. Danielle came into view.

"What's going on? And what are you doing, kneeling on the ground?" She helped her up.

"I-I- there was a theif in our room."

"A theif?! What would he want?" Danielle exlaimed. She held her elbow and they headed back to the inn.

"I don't know," Silvernist replied.

King Timothy had heard the racket and asked what had happened as they entered the inn once again.

"Oh it was nothing. Just a theif," Danielle told him.

"A theif? Is he gone?" Danielle nodded and explained that Silvernist had chased him off. The king closed his eyes in relief.

"Good, but if he returns, tell me and I'll have him captured."

"Yes, your majesty." Danielle and Silvernist returned to their room and got back in bed.

"You alright?" Danielle asked. Silvernist nodded but was still clouded with confusion about the seller wanting to steal back the necklace. She lay there with her eyes closed and soon went back to sleep.

The End

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