A Strange Rescuer

Phibreal show them the castle and explained that the king and queen had only a son, hier to the kingdom. Then he led them up a tall hill to the bell tower Silvernist saw before. They started to climb up the steps and then stopped when they were standing underneath the bell. When they looked down, the whole kingdom lay before them stretching far across the island. Silvernist thought it was the most beautiful view she had ever seen.

Cool wind rushed against their backs as they stood with the bell tower looking down upon the city.

"Risenife was built hundreds of years ago. This bell tower was also and still stands to this day," Phibreal explained.

"What's it for anyway?" Davey asked.

"It was built to to warn the city of danger. There are more around here. Just on different hills," Phibreal answered. Silvernist watched seagulls swarm the sky in the distance. But something larger caught her eye. It was bigger than the birds and had a different color too. Silvernist's hearts beat louder as the large bird made it's way toward them.

"Speaking of danger. What is that?" She asked. The other looked and saw the great bird.

"It's a griffin!" Phibreal cried. "We should get out of here!" They all started to run but the griffin was already there. It landed heavily in front of them blocking their way to escape. It had a white front  and it's back was a lion's body. It also had a beak and long wings of a bird. It screeched loudly that they had to cover their ears.

"What do we do?" Arake yelled over the sounds of the screeching. Phibreal looked at him and replied,

"Uh, theres nothing we can do."

"What?" Sir Lorando roared. The griffin lunged at them but they scattered. It's beak missed them and snapped.

"The griffin is a magical creature that can't be affected by any sword. It can only be affected by magic!" Phibreal yelled. Everyone stared at Silvernist and she stared back.

"Do something!" Ariana shrieked.

"Um, ok." Silvernist thought of a spell, but before she could say it a voice apeared.

"Sariel ta maniesh!" The griffin froze and then it screeched. They watched it lift up into the sky and fly away.

Silvernist, confused, looked around. Who was that? Suddenly a slim figure apeared from the bell tower. It was a woman. She came closer and soon stood before Silvernist.

The beautiful woman had long black hair and emerald green eyes.

"Who are you?" The woman didn't answer but smiled down at her.

"I'm guessing you saved us," Sir Lorando said standing beside the witch. The woman nodded.


"What kind of spell was that?" Silvernist asked.

"It was a freezing spell. It freezes your opponent and then warns it to leave," the woman answered. They were silent for a while until Sir Lorando said they had to return to the ship. The others started to walk back down the hill. Silvernist hesitated and then followed.

"Silvernist," the woman said. Silvernist started back.

"How do you know my name? And- who are you?" She questioned. The woman smiled and answered.

"Danielle. My name is Danielle."

"Pretty. But how-." Danielle grabbed her arm and pulled her along with her.

"Come on. We should go."

"Wait. Your coming too?" The woman nodded.

"Are you a witch also?" Silvernist asked.

"Yes, Silvernist."

The End

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