Silvernist, Arake, Ariana and Sir Lorando were strolling along the village when Ariana spotted a Jewelry market.

"Ooo! Look at that!" She cried and ran to it. The rest followed. The princess began to pick up colorful necklaces. Silvernist watched her put a long, red beaded necklace around her neck. It sparkled in the sunlight.

"I love it!"

Silvernist looked back to the table filled with jewelry. Some had medallions and others were just plain chains. She spotted one of them with a gold chain and a scarlet stone attached to it. She didn't know why she picked it up, she just did. She held the stone in her hands and peered into it.

"Now that is a special necklace," she heard the seller say in a whisper.

"Really? Why?" She asked.

"The stone came from the Dwarven Cavern in the mountains. People say they have magic there."

"So this stone could hold magic?" Silvernist questioned. The seller nodded.

"Dangerous magic though. Well-- I don't think I should say no more. Are you going to buy it?" Silvernist looked at Sir Lorando arguing with Ariana that she couldn't buy too many necklaces.

"Yes. I think I will." Silvernist told Sir Lorando she wished to buy the necklace and he said it was alright. Ariana didn't get all she wanted. Just the beaded necklace, and a chain with a medallion on it.

Silvernist walked in the back of everyone and gazed at her necklace. A magical one. What kind of magic did it hold? She wondered. She took the chain and slipped it over her head that it dangled around her neck. Then she caught up with the others. Once she made it beside Sir Lorando, a yell startled them.

"If I catch you in my house again, I'll take you to the king's court again, boy!" They turned around to see a middle aged man standing in the middle of the street yelling at a boy. The boy had light brown hair and blue eyes and was about Ariana's age. He was laughing as he scurried away from the man but didn't notice he was running toward them. The man turned around and stalked away. Sir Lorando stopped the boy by grabbing his shoulder and glared at him.

"What did you do?" The boy just looked at him and didn't reply.

"You must be a theif." The boy glared at him also and said.

"I live on the streets so how can I survive?" The man just looked at him and then released him. The boy then looked at them all.

"Who are you? I've never seen you people around here before."

"This is Prince Arake and his sister princess Ariana of Zilda," Sir Lorando replied. He introduced the others as well.

"You come from Zilda?" He asked. The others nodded.

"I am Phibreal. But people call me Phib." Ariana went up to him and curtsyed.

"Nice to meet you," she said sweetly. Arake rolled his eyes.

"How about I show you around? I know everything about this place." Sir Lorando glanced at the others and they nodded.

"Ok, but don't try anything funny." Phibreal smiled, took Ariana's arm in his and started the tour of the kingdom.

The End

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