Part Six

Silvernist's heart leaped when she and the rest was told that Risenife was in sight. Cool wind rushed by her ears as she gazed at the beautiful island in the distance. She couldn't wait to finally stand on firm land again. It had been a day later after their encounter with the Water Dragon and it seemed everyone had forgotten about it.

Risenife was a copious kingdom. It had many hills and acquired gorgeous beaches and It was full of recourses.

Soon the harbor was in sight and they would eventually be able to leave the ship and explore the place. The Asesino drew closer and soon it moved slowly into the harbor. The sounds of the kingdom filled their ears and Silvernist was already prepared to leave it.

"Were finally here," Arake said standing beside her. Silvernist nodded with a big smile on her face. King Timothy explained they would need to collect more supplies for the journey and wait till the ship is repared.

"May we explore and maybe get the supplies we need?" Silvernist asked sounding anxious. The king nodded then said to Sir Lorando,

"Go with them and make sure they don't get in any trouble. I have my own buisness to take care of." The man nodded and led Ariana, Arake and Silvernist down the ramp. The people around them bustled about. Some of them turned to stare but Silvernist didn't sar if most of them were staring at her hair. She was too busy admiring everything around her.

Her eyes moved from the ships and saw a tall hill in the distance. Atop, was two pillars and hanging from them was a bell. A bell tower. Silvernist noticed a figure standing next to it. She couldn't tell if it was a man or woman.

Arake tapped her shoulder and pointed to the castle. It was pure white with tall, keen towers and flags that moved along with the wind.

When Silvernist returned her gaze back to the bell tower, whoever it was, was gone. She quickly forgot about him or her when they moved on.

The End

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