It took a long time to decide where to sleep the rest of the voyage because of the the dragon's incident. The cabin lay in ruins before them. Ariana was extremely mad because of her belonging were smashed along with it and her clothes were all dirty. Everyone would have to sleep on the deck but Silvernist was fine with that. That time when she slept outside back at home. It didn't bother her.

She was still shocked about the sword. The Sword Of Blaize?! She had heard of it but never believed it existed. She remembered escaping from Aviel's castle and taking the sword with her. She had no idea it would turn out like this. Now she was stuck with it.

The night crawled in everyone settled in their sleeping spaces. Silvernist lay thinking of Bluecoil. He was a beautiful water dragon and she wondered if she'd ever see him again.

Silvernist closed her eyes and wondered what tomorrow would bring.

The End

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