The Legendary Sword

Arake and Sir Lorando stood and watched Silvernist head into the cabin carrying Ariana's morning breakfast. They had been at sea for a week now and there was no sigh of land yet. Just now, Arake was thinking of Aviel, the wizard Silvernist had described to them. What would he do if her got the opal? Destry this planet, kill all the people, or just conquer the world and make everyone bow unto him? He was too caught up in these thoughts that he didn't notice Sir Lorando talking to him. He began to shake him.

"Arake!" Arake turned his attention to the man and saw that he had an uneasy expression on his face.

"What is it?"

"I just saw something move in the water and it looked huge." Arake's heart started racing and he stared down into the water. He didn't see anything.

"Sir, it was probably just your imagination." Sir Lorando glared at him. Suddenly the ship jolted and the two went sprawling to the ground.

"What is it?!" Captian Mak yelled, getting the sailors attention. Silvernist, Ariana and Timothy popped out of the cabin with appalled faces.

"I don't know! But it's something big!" Sir Lorando yelled back. Captian Mak told everyone to get their swords ready. Arake saw Silvernist run back into the cabin.

"Where are you going?" He called but recieved no answer.

"Arake! Protect your sister!" Timothy yelled at him. Arake looked at her whimpering in fear. Then a giant shadow clouded the ship and everyone found themselves staring up at a giant sea creature.

"It's a water dragon!" Captian Mak informed them. Arake gazed at it in wonder. The dragon's scales were dark blue, it's wings were teal and wavey and it's eyes were ocean blue. He thought it was beautiful. The dragon looked at them with hunger in it's eyes. It roared and dived down at them. Timothy tried to slash it's belly but the blade missed. When it flew over Arake and Arian, they felt cold driplets land on their skin.

The water dragon kept attaking and once it was stabbed in the leg by a sailor. It roared and scooped the sailoe up in it's mouth. Arake stood horrified at the sight and then realized Silvernist wasn't with them. Where was she?

Ariana was now screaming that the dragon was coming for them.

"Duck!" He and his sister did and the creature passed over them. It landed heavily on the cabin that it collapsed. Arake thought of Silvernist. She was still inside!

"Silvie!" he cried.

"What?" She apeared beside him. She wasn't dead!

Silvernist was carrying a sword and a dagger hung at her hip. Arake looked more closely at the sword. The guard was curved inward and pointy at the ends. The hilt was pointy also. Arake thought, shouldn't her hand be bleeding by now?

"Whatch out!" Arake, her and Ariana ran out of the path of the water dragon. The prince and princess stood behind the witch as she held up her sword. The dragon headed for them again.

"Stay away!" Silvernist yelled. She hadn't expected the sword to glow after she said that. Everyone was amazed and the dragon stopped where it was. A voice apeared.

"I didn't know you were the beholder of the legendary sword!" he said. Silvernist lowered the weapon to stare into the dragon's eyes. It was speaking!

"What do you mean?"

"The Sword of Blaize chooses it's beholders. It seems to have chosen you, a silver witch, or else your hand would be cut and bleeding by now." Silvernist looked at her hands which held the sharp hilt. It was true her hands would already be  wounded. They were perfectly fine.

"You aren't affected by the blade because the sword chose you to hold it," the dragon explained. So Silvernist was now the beholder of this legendary sword? Arake thought.

"How come you know so much about this?" Silvernist asked. Her eyes bore into the dragon's.

"Dragons are smarter than you think. Well-- sorry to cause all the damage. I shall leave now."

"Wait! What's your name?" He turned to face her and replied,

"Bluecoil." The water dragon then dived back into the sea.

The End

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