Moping the deck

Silvernist didn't know why she was having these dreams. She had no clue who the woman even was. Was she someone imortant? Would she meet this person somewhere? Silvernist needed to forget this and worry about getting to the Volcano Of Synra instead. It was a mysterious place, located in the Valley Of Fire. No one had ever been there for who knew what lied inside?

The Valley of fire was a valley of mostly lava pools and geysers in which wherever people stepped, they'd be incinerated. Back in Silvernist's village, her neighbor told her and her grandmother of how his brother ecnountered a Red Dragon while traveling to Dreaded City. The poor man was incinerated  just before the Red Dragon could gobble him up.

Silvernist stood outside on the deck watching the sailors work. She then heard Arake's voice and turned to him.

"Silvie, my  father asked me to give these to you." He was holding a bucket of water and a bedraggled mop.

"Because of your bad behaviour yesterday you get to mop the deck." The witch sighed and took the supplies from him. She watched him walk away and then set down the bucket, dipped the mop into it and then moved it back and forth across the floor. How much work will I have to do? She thought. And plus being Ariana's maid, that will be even more. Rude thoughts enterd her mind about Ariana then to Timothy. She shook her head. She shouldn't think those things.

Silvernist glanced up and found Arake soaking another mop into the bucket.

"What are you doing?"


"I don't need help." Arake chuckled and replied.

"You sure? Because you have to mop this whole deck you know." Silvernist's stare fixed on him for a while.

"Fine. Thankyou," she said.

"Your welcome." Arake bowed as he said this which made her face redden but he didn't notice. Arake began to mop also.

He shouldn't be doing this. He's a prince.

An hour later, Silvernist and the prince were watching the sunset beyond the horizon.

"So what exactly kind of witch are you? I mean I never heard of a witch who shoots acid out of her hands," Arake said.

"I'm a Silverwitch. And I can turn invisible also. Strange huh." Silvernist thought of something else to say.

"Silverwitches are only here for purposes but I still haven't found what mine is yet." Arake nodded.

"Maybe it will come to you soon." Speaking with Arake made Silvernist feel better about this journey and more comfortable. But Timothy called him so he had to leave. The king eyed Arake suspiciously and then said.

"Silvernist, Ariana needs you."


The End

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